Victory Village (VV) is the third map released for Battlefield Heroes and is the first of the infantry maps. It is an equal playing field for all Classes and provides a good play experience for those who enjoy infantry maps.

Aside from some minor issues with the size of the capture area at Roadblock the map is considered well balanced.

Commandos have a pretty good time regardless whether they use Sniper Rifles or Knives as there are a good supply of sniping points and the cluttered urban environment creates lots of cover and creates plenty of deserted ambush points. Soldiers and Gunners can easily find safety in numbers and, if they are careful, have enough cover to avoid snipers which haunt more open maps. Even though players do not spawn there, the Church Square is a highly strategic point. Overlooking it in a team's strategy can mean the difference between a swift victory or a long, agonizing defeat.


VV Overview

Check out this tactical map to give a quick reference to the general area of a flag, where you were last, or where everyone should be next.

Planning out your next round? Organizing your clan strategy? Take a look the Conquest guide to ensure the control of the 4 capture points:

  • Orchard
  • Church Square
  • Roadblock
  • Guard Post

V2 VengeanceEdit

This gamemode isn't released yet for this map. The PTE files stated that one single rocket is placed at the fountain.

Capture the FlagEdit

Victory Village is quite a popular map for playing Capture the Flag. You can find the Royal flag at the Royal's Mountain and you can find the National flag at the National's Mountain. Note that the National's flag can be reached easily by jeep using a small dirt road snaking around the side of the mountain


For more details on this topic, see Victory Village/Strategy.

Notable SpotsEdit

Church TowerEdit

Obviously, the Church Tower can serve as a good center sniping spot. Overlooking the Church Square and prized Roadblock, this spot has key factors. There is plenty of cover at the top of the bells and a lot of space on the roof. The main problem with this is that so many people come to this spot, that you're bound to have an encounter with an enemy.

National's MountainEdit

VV waterfront

This mountain is located right in front of the National's starting spawn. This is a easy to climb mountain with a path to follow. this gives a lot of view on Church Square and paths leading to the Outpost and is very secluded. You even have a better spot right next to it by jumping a little up more to a second level and snipe from there too. Downside, besides what was stated before, all you can see is houses.

Royal's MountainEdit

This is a mountain that you must troop trap jump to get to. This spot gives you a perfect view of the Church Square and the Church Tower. If you want a more open and higher spot, you have about 3 different ways to get up there. You can go into this dead-end corner close to where you most likely troop trap jumped. You can use another troop trap jump, but this is a pretty risky move since you may fly over the rocky target and go into the ocean. The other way is using a TNT jump. This one requires better timing, yet is much safer if you fail. The last way requires elixer on any level. You'll have to run to jump from one side of the cliff to another and land on a pretty thin platform. Hug the wall and use what you got left of your elixer to make it to the final destination on the top. The second level has half of it in the dead zone so be careful The reward though for getting up top is the vision of some of the Roadblock. The downside is that this is a very open spot and there is absolutely nowhere to hide.

Driver's CliffEdit

This spot is hard to get to and very ineffective unless your enemy is spawning from the Orchard. However, it is a good "sniping" spot for soldiers with long range pistols. You must go to the Royal's beginning spawn and drive up with a jeep the side of the mountain. The out of bounds timer will start once you start driving up the mountain Once you take the right route, you'll see a secluded house. You're still not out of the out of bounds timer. You'll have to slide down precisely to a small ledge that can barely support the width of a player. There you'll have a good, hard to see spot that see's the road between the Orchard and Roadblock. The alternate route is to troop trap yourself up, but that requires a lot of control.


  • The church tower and the roof are great sniping spots as they offer a 360 degree view of the immediate area, but for a start they are very obvious, and secondly they are very popular and you will probably meet enemy company. Other well used sniping points include the cliffs near the National base, the cliffs beside the royal base which can only be reached via Troop Trap jumps or using a jeep, the isolated area at the end of the road down from Roadblock, and the tallest cliff that overlooks the Roadblock which can be accessable by a jeep going through the royal base or by Troop Trap Jumps.
  • VVp

    The Roadblock point

    Try not to get sucked into the fighting around Roadblock. It is no more valuable than any other point on the map.
  • If you do get stuck in combat around Roadblock, there are several exit and entrance areas.
  • If you and your teammates are attacking the Roadblock, be sure to stick together. Usually the defending team is really working hard at defense and also, they spawn right there. So charging in isn't the greatest idea. When you attack, you'll have to probably be in a group of three or more, any class. Make sure you cover each other because remember, the more people there are, the faster the flag goes up!



  • Victory Village seems to be set in northern Italy.
  • Though it seems to be pure coincidence, the Church Square has a similar layout to the square that the tower Fredrick Zoller uses is located in the parody short Nation's Pride, which itself was a movie within a movie of Inglorious Basterds. The movie was released after Victory Village.

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