Valor Point

Valor Points (VP) are the in-game currency for Battlefield Heroes, easily obtainable by simply playing the game and completing Missions, which are the two most common ways. The most common way is through simply playing the game, where VP is gained while reducing the Enemy Team Score Points in the Conquest Game Mode or by holding the Rocket in the V2 Vengeance Game Mode.

Means of acquiring

Valor Point Small Play the game.
Valor Point Small Complete missions.
Valor Point Small Play the War Room.
Valor Point Small Watch out for free give-aways (VP Redeem Codes).
Valor Point Small "Recruit a Friend" referrals.

Note: Idling is not necessarily a "good way" of obtaining VP. Players are kicked for being idle too long automatically, and on privately-rented servers, admins do not typically stand for idling.

Value of Valor Points

Valor Points can be used to rent Weapons, Clothes and Emotes that are not exclusive to Play4Free Funds, for a limited amount of time (1 to 3 days). They can also be used to purchase most of the widgets in the in-game store.

VP price changes

The prices of renting weapons and widgets has skyrocketed, while their durations/uses has drastically decreased (also for clothes and emotes) which occurred on December 1st, 2009 which marked the beginning of the Winter Armistice.

Unlimited Dapper and Stylish Weapons

You can now buy certain weapons for unlimited duration with Valor Points. Each weapon costs 3000 VP and this feature is only available for a select few of stylish weapons.

Vital Bullet wrote:
We have some important news for you. For those of you out there short on funds or even if you like to grind for your keep, we have added the option to purchase a few permanent weapons from our store using VP (Valor Points). Yes, you can do what heroes do best and gather up those VP to purchase any of the Dapper and Stylish* weapons... PERMANENTLY.
Royal National
LMG Bernie's Dapper Bone Chewer LMG Wolfgang's Stylish Wonderful
SMG Tommy's Dapper Typewriter SMG Rudolf's Stylish Rescue
Rifle Pipsqueak's Dapper Popper Rifle Stefan's Stylish Sharpshooter
Pistol Garreth Dapper Custom Pistol Florenz' Stylish Flurry
Shotgun Stewart's Dapper Shotty Shotgun Friedrich's Stylish Fly Swatter
Knife Royal's Dapper Knife Knife Konrad's Stylish Knife
RPG Dapper Tank Buster RPG Faust's Stylish Panzerfist

Unlimited Standard Weapons

"Unlimited for VP - the second act": Short Range Pistols and Shotguns are now open for sale with Valor Points.

CaptainShop and his Sergeant have an offer for you that you might not be able to say "No" to. Starting now you can get your hands on the Short Range Pistols and Shotguns (Non Super/Uber Versions) permanently... for VALOR POINTS! Yes, you heard it right, PERMANENT... for VP!, and best of all is that those weapons will only cost you 3,000 VP!
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