Midnight Mayhem Winter

The V2 rocket on Midnight Mayhem Winter

V2 Vengeance (also known as Hero of the Hill) is a Game Mode similar to the common multiplayer game-style "King of the Hill". It was introduced with the release of Midnight Mayhem.

Gameplay & RulesEdit

V2 Vengeance Game Mode Trailer

V2 Vengeance Game Mode Trailer

V2 Vengeance trailer

On one or more central points of the map V2 Vengeance rockets are about to be launched. Each team has a timer of 5 minutes per rocket, reduced as each second passes by when the corresponding team is in control of the rocket.

During the neutral phase, when any of the teams has yet to capture and secure a rocket, both team's timers will be counting down towards zero, encouraging players to try and reach the rocket before the other team and prevent a stalemate.

Like flags in Conquest mode, a progress bar will appear showing the amount of time it will take to capture the rocket and also similar to the aforementioned mode, the more allied players near the rocket, the faster the rocket will be captured. Unlike Conquest mode however, the rocket does not need to be 'uncaptured' before a team can begin capturing it; a completed capture automatically transfers the control of the point from one team to the other with no 'neutral' period.

HotH Winning

First to 00:00 wins

Once the rocket is secured, the capturing team's timer will continue to count down to zero, while the opposing team's counter will stop at the time it had when the rocket changed teams. If that team manage to recapture the rocket, their timer will begin again while the timer for the previous team stops. Possession of the rocket will often switch back and forth between the two teams several times over the course of the match, drawing the match out for longer than five minutes.

The team whose timer reaches 00:00 first wins, and the rocket launches in a cloud of smoke. There are no 'tickets' in V2 Vengeance, so each team may re-spawn an infinite number of players until the round is over and a winning team is decided.

Different amounts of rockets, mean different starting times:

  • 1 rocket means 5:00 - 5:00
  • 2 rockets means 10:00 - 10:00

If one team holds both rockets, their timer will drop faster (x2).


  • 1 Valor Point Small awarded to every player holding the flag for 60 tickets
  • 3 Valor Point Small at round end for winning team
  • 100 Experience Points awarded to team holding the flag each 30 tickets
  • 20 Experience Points awarded to players in cp radius when flag is captured


Buccaneer Bay and Riverside Rush both had the V2 Vengeance game mode included for a short time due to a bugged update. They have both been removed again since they were not finished.


  • The rocket viewable in each HotH map is based on the V-2 rocket.
  • There are wrecks of V2-rockets lying around on Lunar Landing.
  • For some reason the V2-Rockets may at times start spinning around in loops, instead of flying straight up as they are supposed to.