The Tank is the spearhead of blitzkrieg warfare and when played properly it shows. This is best seen in the open fields of Seaside Skirmish where you can regularly see small groups of fast-moving tanks working together as a team, looking for gaps in the enemies lines and coming at them from behind. Filling the essential role of artillery support, tanks are a game winning force and the more a team has in action the better.

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Tanks can't be destroyed by infantry small arms because the armor is too thick to be penetrated by bullets. Tanks are best countered by infantry AT weapons, Planes and other Tanks, although Anti-Air Guns also do the the job. Infantry, mostly Commandos and Soldiers, will often attempt to deal with tanks by using Sticky TNT and throwing it on the side of the Tank. Soldiers also tend to use the Blasting Strike ability against tanks which rarely damages them but makes it difficult for them to score road kills or aim properly. The Gunner Class are the best equipped heroes as far as anti-tank goes and can use Tank Busters, which are rocket launchers that excel at taking on vehicles like Tanks and Jeeps at range. Sometimes people also use Explosive Kegs, Grenades and Troop Traps against Tanks. Tanks are armed with a single cannon that is very powerful and can destroy Jeeps (at a direct hit) and Planes with a single shot. It is effective against infantry, but more so when you "Tank Smash" them (run them over with the Tank) but be careful as infantry with TNT can be dangerous so it can be better to keep your distance.

The best place to take on Tanks as infantry is a close urban environment like the village in Seaside Skirmish. If you're a Gunner with a Tank Buster try to gain height and get out of the way of possible Tank Smashes. This means balconies and, if possible, roofs where you should be able to get in a few good shots before they see you. If your high enough then they'll have trouble targeting you. If your a Soldier or Commando try to avoid being Tank Smashed, use any abilities that will help you (like Blasting Strike or Elixir) and try to plant as many Sticky TNTs as you can.

Tactics Edit


Royal Tanks on Seaside Skirmish

Tank Battle TacticsEdit

Tank battles, or tank against tank engagements, are exceedingly common on maps like Seaside Skirmish and are greatly diverse but all are similar in the following factors. All tanks have identical health and firepower so all tank battles are usually decided by the driver who can avoid the most enemy shots and get the most hits of his own. Succeeding, thus, requires precise aiming, skillful driving and aiming along with some luck. The balance can be further tipped in your favor by surprise, whether or not you have a gunner or soldier in your turret, and a good stock of wrenches.


This is an armor tactic which involves circling around or attacking from behind enemy tanks. This is perhaps one of the most basic tactics employed when fighting enemy tanks and has several advantages. The main bonus of this tactic is that the armour of tanks is thinner at the back and sides and thus hits will tend to do more damage than a head-on frontal assault.

A secondary advantage is that tank drivers will keep their turret facing forward while driving. When a tank is flanked there are two things that the driver will likely do: attempt to turn his tank towards the enemy to lessen damage sustained from further hits and turn his turret towards the enemy. This means that, not only does he have to turn before he can shoot at you, but even then his aim is hindered until he can get his bearings and re-align.

Full HouseEdit

Bf heroes tank2

The Royal Army tank with a Royal Gunner manning the turret

Making sure you have a partner in your tank is a good tactic when attacking enemy armour, ideally a gunner. The gunner's tank buster can act as a second gun, allowing you to reduce the enemies health much more quickly and turning you into a far more formidable force. With a accurate shots and consistent movement, a gunner can easily hit enemy tanks.

A further advantage is if the gunner's got the I Eat Grenades ability equipped, which can help deal with a large number of incoming threats including sticky TNT, grenades and even tank shells, though the ability recharge timer means that it isn't always an asset to call on. This will work both to heal him and eliminate threats before they can even do their damage.

A Soldier in the top seat can also be effective, as high-level Blasting Strike can work wonders in short-range engagements against tanks, particularly in cluttered short-range environments.

Tank HoppingEdit

This is a tactic that only really works if the hero employing it is a Gunner with a tank buster. It basically involves hopping into a vehicle, firing the cannon, hopping out, firing their tank buster. When used effectively it doubles the firing speed and damage that can be dealt, especially when without a passenger, reducing the damage done to your own tank.

This is best employed in mid-range tank battles, within the range of the tank buster but where being tank smashed is less likely but at close range it can be easier to aim so go on the turret.

In short-range battles it is often better to switch to a turret rather than get out, but it is more likely you'll fired upon and being forced to re-enter the tank, effectively wasting time.

Anti-Infantry TacticsEdit

Sniper Tank

A Royal Tank pursuing a fleeing National commando

When attacking infantry with a tank the odds are undeniably in your favor, but that does not mean they cannot reduce you to a burning hulk with the right tactics. It only takes several tank busters or a group of soldiers sporting high level Blasting Strike to turn the tables against you. These are tactics to help take out infantry and circumvent those they deploy against you.

Long-Range ShellingEdit

This particular tactic is useful when attacking groups of infantry who have proven themselves to be well-equipped in fighting armour at closer quarters. While it is true that attacking from range with your cannon isn't the most quick or guaranteed to produce scores of kills, it does prevent the majority of abilities and weapons they will attempt to deploy against you.

In particular it prevents you being thrown around by a group of soldiers with Blasting Strike, becoming unable to aim,or run them over, or even drive straight. It also prevents being attacked by sticky TNT and grenades as well as abilities like Explosive Keg, Grenade Spam and Troop Traps. It will even in most cases make it easier to dodge projectiles from tank busters. There are sometimes reports of people on the balcony of the Seaside Skirmish Lighthouse being hit by tank shells. This may sound impossible due to the tanks elevation not being able to reach it normally but if practice is put into action and the driver backs up they can score a direct hit right on the balcony. It amazes many but it's not really hard to do.

Tank SmashingEdit

Quite simply the most primitive yet a very effective tactic is the tank smash. It basically involves a tank running over a foot-soldier. It is the base for the Tank Smash Heroic Moment.

Blasting Strike LandingEdit

A rare and very amusing tactic is where an ENEMY soldier will use Blasting Strike to push a tank back. When the tank comes down it will sometimes land on a troop from the side that used the Blasting Strike on the tank. Though not counted as a kill usually, it still costs the enemy one man that could have been helping out. It also could be the basis for where it is one of the few times you can get team kills.

Infantry Anti-Tank TacticsEdit

These are tactics deployed by infantry against tanks.


This is a tactic sometimes employed by commandos against tanks and requires Elixir, Sticky TNT and high-level Stealth to be equipped. The commando should hide behind some sort of reliable cover where they predict the tank will drive (Stealth doesn't need to be activated at this point). When the opportunity comes, TNT should be thrown into the tank's tires, which will usually cause high damage in the region of 100. The next step is to run away with Elixir while turning on Stealth. The tank will still see the blue glow, but not for long.

Other TacticsEdit

These are tactics related to tanks that do not apply to any of the other sections.


These kind of tactics are more commonly used by knifing commandos with a plane, but are sometimes altered a bit. This involves parking a tank inconspicuously behind an enemy air-field, usually on Sunset Showdown or Buccaneer Bay, and exiting or switching to the turret to eliminate the engine's noise. As soon as an enemy hops inside a plane the guy with the tank gets into the driver's seat and blasts the pilot to a fiery doom.

This is also sometimes, less effectively done without the plane, with the driver switching to turret and surprising heroes who come over looking to take up an abandoned tank with a quick roadkill.

Long Range ArtilleryEdit

Use a tank's cannon as an artillery haubits. Go faraway on a hill if possible. Have your teammates spot for you, giving you the required intel to fire upon enemy troops. It may take a while to get the range right but it really helps your teammates while in an intense battle.


You can use tanks as boats by driving them into the water and firing behind you. The National tank works the best for this.

Achievements Edit


There are quite a few Missions focused on the tank including most obviously "Tank I," "Tank II," "Tank III" and "Tank IV."

Tank Hunter IEdit

Completed by dealing 1000 damage to tanks while not being killed by tanks more than five times. It is worth 25 valor points.

Tank Hunter IIEdit

Completed by killing 5 tanks while not being killed by tanks more than five times.

Daily MissionsEdit

Daily missions were introduced soon after the Winter Armistice as a reaction to increased prices and are usually very easy to complete, available for only a single day and worth 75 valor points.

Tank Conquest DayEdit

Completed by dealing 75 damage and capturing a single flag while in a tank.

Tanks Giving DayEdit

Completed by dealing 100 points of damage.

Heroic MomentsEdit

There are numerous achievements, or Heroic Moments as they were called upon their inclusion in a small update following V2 Vengeance, involving tanks.

Duck HuntEdit

Earned by hitting a plane in mid-air with a tank.

Tower DefenceEdit

This heroic moment is earned by killing someone from the second hatch position (turret) of a tank.

Tank SmashEdit

This heroic moment is earned by running someone over with the tank.

Flip TrickEdit

This is earned by a flipping a tank and landing back the right way up (works more easily with jeeps).

Full HouseEdit

This is earned by killing a fully manned vehicle.

Trivia Edit

  • The Royal tank is based off the M4 Sherman tank.
  • The National tank is based off the Panzer III
  • These Tanks are a lot faster than the ones found in other Battlefield games. However, these tanks fire arcing shells making it a little more difficult to target infantry.
  • People who use tanks a lot are sometimes considered "Tank Noobs". These are players who, in spite of lacking skill in tank usage, use a tank as a protective shell.
  • Be aware of troop traps, as they will poison you, even though you are inside the tank.