Sunset Showdown (SS2) is the sixth map released for Battlefield Heroes, and is a vehicle map much like Buccaneer Bay and Seaside Skirmish. This map has more Planes, Jeeps and Tanks than any other map, as well as only three capture flags rather than the usual four on Conquest maps.

Game modesEdit


SS2 Overview

Check out this tactical map to give a quick reference to the general area of a flag, where you were last, or where everyone should be next.

Planning our your next round? Organizing your clan strategy? Take a look the Conquest guide to ensure the control of the 3 capture points:

  • Plantation
  • Church Hill
  • Outpost

V2 VenganceEdit

Has been activated for ranked games the 14th october 2011.

  • Rocket: Church Hill
  • Royal Spawn: Plantation
  • National Spawn: Outpost


For more details on this topic, see Sunset Showdown/Strategy.

Notable SpotsEdit

Sunset showdown

The church

Church TowerEdit

This spot is a major factor for both sides. The downside is that there are very easy to access entrances and little cover. The church design is just like the Victory Village Church.

Church SurroundingsEdit

Sometimes, the team coming from the Outpost will go to this ledge that faces the Plantation and fire from there (all classes). This spot is very effective and is a great sniping spot, if you can snipe and see well. The alternate spot is for the team coming from Plantation and attacking Outpost. Right behind the Church is also another small ledge that can be used to snipe and shoot with (all classes). These 2 spots have the same effect.

Outpost and National Base SurroundingsEdit

There are quite a lot of hills to snipe from around Outpost and the National starting base. They are used by many snipers in order to gain both points and rack up kills.



  • The map was named by iStrat. Before this, it went under the name "Mayhem".[1]
  • Sunset showdown is the first map to shorten to the same thing as a prior map (Seaside Skirmish, or SS). As such, it is sometimes referred to as SSD and SS2.
  • SS2 seems to be located in Northern Italy


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