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A National Soldier with an SMG

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The most tactically manuverable weapon available, sub-machine guns can deal with almost any job except tanks and planes. Sub-Machine Guns are only available to Soldiers.

Tommy's Typewriter / Rudolf's RescueEdit

Icon Short 3124.png 3123.png Tommy's Typewriter
Rudolf's Rescue
Icon Short 3164.png 3169.png Tommy's Dapper Typewriter
Rudolf's Stylish Rescue
Icon Short 3179.png 3178.png Tommy's Super Typewriter
Rudolf's Uber Rescue

This type of Sub-Machine Gun is almost all purpose and the most popular type of SMG that you can buy. It can do a good amount of damage to an enemy at close and even medium range. This gun also has the largest cartridge capacity among Sub-Machine Guns and can help anyone in a difficult sitiuation. It shoots very fast, but is not as accurate as the other Sub-Machine Guns. Nonetheless, it still has decent accuracy for medium range, but it isn't very good at long ranges and can be quite ineffective unless the user has a good level of Burning Bullets to compensate for some of the missed shots.

M16 / AK-74Edit

Icon Short 3015.png 3041.png M16
Icon Short 3094.png 3097.png Golden M16
Golden AK-74

Identical with the Tommy's Super Typewriter/Rudolf's Uber Rescue, so the tactics match one to one. A new skin and sound spice it up.

M16-203 Battle Rifle / AK74-30 Battle RifleEdit

Icon Moderate 3212.png 3213.png M16-203 Battle Rifle
AK74-30 Battle Rifle

They are the first weapon set out of the Alternate Fire Weapons released during Christmas 2011. Most notable thing is the 3 round burst, high spread and recoil. The damage output is good enough to get fast kills on short range, but it's completely useless on longer ranges. Even with Burning Bullets you won't deal notable damage as it takes much longer to get a first hit and set any enemy on fire. The three round burst makes it even harder to focus on multiple enemies and use Burning Bullets on all of them.

Carlsson's Crossbow / Albert's ArbalestEdit

Icon Moderate 3263.png 3264.png Carlsson's Crossbow
Albert's Arbalest

Crossbows that fire in 3 shot bursts with decent accuracy if you can control the recoil, just like the Battle Rifles. Its unique look alone is it worth to drop the battle rifle if you won't miss the single grenade.

Charlie's Chopper / The KommandantEdit

Icon Moderate 3011.png 3012.png Charlie's Chopper
The Kommandant
Icon Moderate 3031.png 3032.png Charlie's Super Chopper
The Uber Kommandant

Soldiers of both Factions start out with a default SMG at level 1; Charlie's Chopper for the Royals and The Kommandant for the Nationals.

These guns provide a reasonable DPM, over all ranges but are particularly useful at medium ranges, which can be tricky to calculate. Note that you should face short range weapons at semi-long range only to avoid own health loss. The weapon can deal fire in sharp bursts with a tight bullet spread, however, the gun is limited by its rather small magazine. Paired with the weapon's reasonable rate of fire and reload time, this results in a considerable amount of time being spent reloading.

Scoped SOF M16 / Scoped SOF AK-74Edit

Icon Moderate 3193.png 3190.png Scoped SOF M16
Scoped SOF AK-74

The behave the same way as Charlie's Super Chopper and The Uber Kommandant but have a scope view which you can access with the right mouse button. Unfortunately the deviation on zoom rises in opposite to a scope's purpose. The stats look bugged, but EAsy never state if this will be fixed or is intended.

Brass-Bender's Chopper / Destroyer Drone's KommandantEdit

Icon Moderate 3343.png 3342.png Brass-Bender's Chopper
Destroyer Drone's Kommandant

The Brass-Bender's Chopper and Destroy Drone's Kommandant are two of the newest weapons released to Battlefield Heroes. The weapons are Moderate/Moderate for range and rate of fire,but I belive from experince its Rate of Fire(ROF) is short.Does have a secondary fire used to damage infantry and to launch them into the air. The alternate fire, is not deal unless you will aim. It deals most damage at Mid-Range, and it takes a long time to fire, due to needeed charge. Each shot, consumes 5 ammo.

The Destroyer Drone's Kommandant is a robot style SMG that behaves like the default SMG but has a new fire mode that will exerggartly burst your enemys to dust in case you hit.

Space-night Special / Plasma Forty-FiveEdit

Icon Moderate 3000.png 3241.png Space-night Special
Plasma Forty-Five

A medium range laser SMG with the ability to charge up a powerful laser shot to deal damage to targets at long range. Fitting very well to the Astronaut sets. Actually, these are no so seen in-game, beacose of unpopularity of Mid-range SMG's. Also, the beam isn't a big deal, unless you can aim right.

Side Feeder / Lucky SprayerEdit

Icon Moderate 3293.png 3294.png Side Feeder
Lucky Sprayer

Same as The Uber Komandant/Charlie's Super Chopper, but with higer critical hit chance and rate of fire, well as recoil, smiliar to the recoil of Battle-rifle.

Greg's Greasy Gun / The Wacky Machine GunEdit

Icon Long 3096.png 3095.png Greg's Greasy Gun
The Wacky Machine Gun
Icon Long 3030.png 3033.png Greg's Super Greasy Gun
The Uber Wacky Machine Gun

These long range guns fire high damaging rounds. They are very accurate with most bullets following a tight bullet spread around the centre on the cursor. This paired with the slow firing rate means the fire/hit rate of this weapon is statistically high, though the slower rate of fire reduces its DPM. But once an enemy is too close, their power is reduced to barely anything because of the large damage fall-off. The capacity is moderate with 25 rounds, but you don't really need a very large magazine.

Tier 1 Elite M16 / Specialist's Tier 1 AK-74Edit

Icon Long 3148.png 3149.png Tier 1 Elite M16
Specialist's Tier 1 AK-74

In fact the same weapons like the Greg's Super Greasy Gun and The Uber Wacky Machine Gun apart from the modern skin and sound.

Surreal Super Rifle  / Unrealistic Uber RifleEdit

long range rifle and heavy bomb launcher