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Sticky TNT, also known as the "Sticky Bomb" or simply as TNT, is an explosive and the main defense of the majority of classes against Tanks and other land vehicles. Sticky TNT can be used by all classes but Gunners will often opt to use Tank Busters instead which allow them to take out hostile armor at range as well as having a heap of extra uses. Sticky bombs are powerful explosives (two to three TNT is enough to destroy a tank and 2 to take out a plane at full armor), which can be thrown and will stick to whatever surface they come into contact with. Sticky TNT is the default explosive for every class and the only available explosive for Commandos with the exception of the new Punk Grenade Launchers.

Recently, Sticky Bombs have been known to "slide off" due to lag in-game, appearing on the ground behind instead of on the vehicle it was thrown on.


They can be thrown at medium distance but the exlposive radius is quite low. So you need to get close to the vehicle to stick a (in best case) not moving vehicle to stick it properly. To counter this lag effect you should try throwing it at towards the place where the vehicle might might be within a second.

Sticky TNT Gameplay Edit




Royal TNTEdit

National TNTEdit


Range (Tier)
Stats Medium (1)
Rounds/min 45
Ammo 1
Reload 5
Velocity 15
Max Hit Armor 100
Impact Damage 1
Crit. Chance 0
Crit. Damage 0
Explosion (less for Infantry)
Radius 6
Damage 80
Force 12

General TacticsEdit

  • Try to do a TNT Jump to get on some houses or reach some awesome sniping spots.
  • Always use TNT to destroy friendly vehicles that you won't be using anymore to allow for respawn of vehicles in your base.
  • Don't waste your TNT if the tank is moving around too much (you risk using it too early and making yourself an easy Tank Smash Target).
  • Never run head on into a tank's frontal hull or a tank's rear end or you will be dead meat! (avoid being in the line of Tank smash range too!).
  • Attempt to stay to the side of am enemy tank, to avoid being turned into roadkill.

Tactics against a TankEdit

  1. First, Identify the target, is there 1 Tank or are there more than 1?
  2. If there is 1 tank, Has the tank spotted you?
  3. Spotted? Okay, take evasive action (move left or right) to avoid getting pulverized by the rear or frontal end of the tank. No? Okay ... Well, Is the tank driver being cautious and avoiding any Close Quarters Confrontations? Is the driver peppering you with shots from a range that is unreachable by your TNT? Yes? Okay. Best bet is to run and regroup with teammates to destroy it.
  4. Once you have evaded the tank's attempt to turn you into a Gooey Pulp, take this chance to stick the TNT on the side of the tank as it passes you, making it near impossible to evade.
  5. The driver of the tank will now take serious measures to kill you because you have damaged the tank. Repeat Step 3-4 for kiling the tank with TNT.

Tactics against Multiple TanksEdit

  1. Spotted? Okay, run for cover, any corner or crevice that tanks will have trouble navigating will do. There's no use in wasting effort when you know you they have the advantage.
  2. Not Spotted? Okay, you're safe for now.... Avoid confrontation, unless otherwise forced to. You now rely on teammates with RPGs or other suitable vehicles to destroy these tanks.

Models & SoundsEdit

The exact model is unknown, but it is likely that Battlefield Heroes perpetuates the media misconception that TNT and Dynamite are the same thing. Dynamite is Nitroglycerin absorbed in an inert filler (clay, sawdust, etc.) formed into tubes, and wrapped in paper, and can be detonated with a burning Smokeless Powder fuse. This would appear much like the Sticky TNT that appears in Battlefield Heroes. TNT (trinitrotoluene) is a specific chemical explosive, which requires a smaller explosive (called a 'blasting cap') to detonate properly.

The ticking sound followed by the ringing is the only orientation to know when the TNT explodes excactly.


Two bugs are known with TNT:

  • The thrower sees a 2nd TNT, but only one will explode. Occurs at nearly all explosives weapons and abilities.
  • TNT is so laggy that it needs about 1 full second to attach properly to any vehicle. This makes it nearly impossible to counter moving tanks with them.