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The Soldier Class is a well-rounded player. His starting skill is Combat Medicine, which allows him to restore his own health as well as his teammate's health to a slight degree. They can also get Burning Bullets, which set targets hit on fire, and Sixth Sense to see an enemy’s outline through obstacles. The soldier's main weapon is the Sub-Machine Guns. The other weapons they can wield are Pistols and Shotguns.

Soldiers start with a Shotgun and a medium range SMG, but they are also able to buy Pistols to clear out enemies at long range. Due to that they have the option to choose which type of gameplay they use. They also have the an item called Dr. Ned's needle/Dr. Siegfried's Syringe that allows them to heal their teammates and give them some extra HP. But if they use it on Comandos they will get a bright yellow glow and will be visible to the enemy.

Starting HP: 110


Ability Image Description
Combat Medicine 2075.png Instantly heals a certain percentage of you and all nearby team mates. The amount you are healed will increase for each team mate you healed. Make sure to heal as many teammembers as possible.
Burning Bullets 2081.png
Shots fired from your SMG set enemies on fire. These Burning Bullets cause damage over time. By activating this ability it auto swithces to your Primary SMG.
Blasting Strike 2016.png Knocks all enemies, vehicles and even RPG rockets away from the soldier using the skill. Use this skill to give yourself some breathing space from enemies that are too close. You can also throw vehicles at enemy soldiers to kill them.
Grenade Spam 2065.png
Throw multiple grenades at once. Grenades thrown with this ability are weaker than the Bill's Bomb and/or the Steel Hand Grenade, but together they can do much more damage


Sixth Sense 2126.png See all enemies for a short period of time. Please note this ability does not work to see enemy stealthed commando's, neither does this ability show enemy tanks or planes, when having it at a level lower than X.


Weapons Image Description
Shotguns 3009.png
Good at their intended range but effectivity drops quickly when the target moves out of the effective range.
Sub-Machine Guns 3011.png
Moderate RoF, low magazine, but a high damage output. Best in combination with Burning Bullets.
Pistols 3005.png
Perfectly suited for a lethal and accurate assault on a single hero depending from the range chosen.
Grenades 3157.png
High damage against infantry. The long reload and tiny explosion radius has to be handled very well.
Grenade Launchers 3195.png
Anti-infantry grenade launchers deal moderate damage, and can load more than one grenade. Serveral types of Grenade Launchers cannot damage enemy but instead provide buff to teammates or debuff to enemies. Can be used to do an Explosive Jump.
Sticky TNT 3155.png
Standard explosive, every hero of any class has this weapon. Deals high damage to enemy vehicles and sticks on them. Sticky TNT's drop quickly on ground and cannot travel far.


MeinCookie SMG2

A National Soldier armed with a Sub-Machine Gun

The soldier is the only class that isn't able to run faster than their normal speed without a gunners help. They are at their best in mid-ranged combat, so use Blasting Strike to blow away any enemy infantry getting too close and empty a clip full of burning bullets on enemies while they are in midair. Soldiers are most lethal in groups, especially with other soldiers (where they maximize the use of the combat medicine skill along with extra firepower from ally soldiers) they can also keep up at the same pace with each other so it's easy to move around as a group. Soldiers embody the concept of teamwork.


Although the Soldier class may not be an Anti-Tank class, it can be put to good use as one if enountered by a tank. Sticky TNT is a power efficient way to eliminate tanks, but due to the fact the it tends to slide off the tank rather than stick, it may not be a very popular choice. Some Soldiers prefer the Grenade over the TNT because the Grenade can damage both vehicles and other infantry.

When used against a tank, never throw it straight at the tank, because it will just bounce off. Either throw it on the ground where the tank will roll over it and cause damage underneath, or throw it at the wheels to make the tank suck up the Grenade and deal damage. A correctly thrown grenade can cause anywhere between 19-25 damage, give or take.

To maximize the amount of damage done to tanks, a Soldier will want explosive related products. An expert Soldier Tank Hunter will equip the Grenade, Grenade Spam, and the MGL 140 (Nationals) or M32 MGL (Royals). Blasting Strike may be used if one desires to have it in case of an impending tank smash, and widgets such as Bruce's Firebomb (Royals), Sly's Super Bomb(Nationals), and the winter versions, can also be used for producing 70-90 damage per explosion, depending on the position of the bomb and the tank.

When attacked by a tank with these widgets, weapons, and abilities, it is smart to use the grenades at a constant stream under the tank. The bombs may also be used as a trap, or in CQB's where the tank may not escape. Use Blasting Strike if you are about to be tank smashed or if in a closed area where the tank can tip over. If the enemy exits the tank, feel free to take it and kill him with it, but be wary of if the enemy is a Gunner and may kill you with his Tank Buster.

Shotgun SoldiersEdit

Shotgun Soldiers, occasionally called 'Skirmishers', are a unique breed of Soldier that forfeit the use of Sub-Machine Guns (and, by proxy, the use of Burning Bullets) in favor of close-range combat, utilizing a Shotgun as a Primary weapon, and a pistol as their reserve. After Heroes Of The Fall and the subsequent 'nerfing' of Grenade Spam and the Soldier on the whole, Skirmisher Soldiers are becoming increasingly rare.

Skirmishers favor tight maps with lots of blind spots, where they can minimize enemy advantages, avoid snipers and Gunners, and get the drop on their targets. In many ways, a Skirmisher plays like a PK (Pistol/Knife) Commando. Without the use of Burning Bullets, Skirmishers redistribute their points into the remaining skills, primarily Combat Medicine and Sixth Sense. Sixth Sense temporarily removes the disadvantage of being in close-quarters maps, allowing him to see enemy troops through walls. Combat Medicine not only supports the tougher squadmates, but allows the player to bounce back from an attack that went badly.


  • Like the gunner, the Soldier combines two prior Battlefield classes; in the Soldier's case, this is the Assault and the Medic. It's also considered the 'Mario' of the three classes, as both characters are normally quite versatile in their respective games. Some have pointed to Team Fortress 2's Soldier with reference to their names, but the Heroes Soldier can literially do just about anything, while the TF2 one is limited to using a Rocket Launcher and shotgun, which is specifically to be used in a purely offensive role. It's more likely that the Heroes version draws off its Assault counterpart, as in Battlefield 1942, the Assault could be used in many situations (save for anti-tank warfare) and come out on top, as the class' assault rifle/light machine gun could often be used at ranges the Medic could only dream of.
  • During the Closed Beta, the Soldier was the strongest class. "Grenade Spam" was extremely powerful; the very strong grenades would detonate on impact on an enemy, allowing any one with a decent levelled Grenade Spam to "Insta-Nuke" an enemy as soon as he turned around a corner. This, combined with Sixth Sense, was extremely deadly and labeled by many players as "Nooby".
  • After the Heroes Of The Fall, the Soldier is considered to be the weakest class in the game, even with the much whined about Blasting Strike ability, which will time to time, if the conditions are right, one hit kill an enemy by smashing them into a wall for example. Although some more punishments like Terrific Health Tonic, Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants and Punch Widgets crossed his way, he's still a very strong and likely class, mainly because he's able to use them as well...