Coastal Clash Snow

Coastal Clash Winter

A snow map refers to a map that takes place in a snowy and winterish environment.

All currently existing snow maps were released as part of the holiday celebrations in December and are conversions of previously released maps. These maps have "Winter" appended to their name.



Christmas 2009Edit

Victory Village Snow

Snow alteration of Victory Village, from 2009

Snow made its first appearance in 2009 when Coastal Clash, Riverside Rush and Victory Village were temporarily altered. Changes were made to the lighting, giving the maps a colder feel, and snow flakes fell onto the maps. Everything else remained the same including the ground textures, leaving some players slightly disappointed, but there were also a group of players who created a petition on the forums, asking for the altered versions to stay in the game as separate versions of the maps. The snow versions were left in the game a little longer than the developers had originally intended, but eventually the maps went back to their original, sunny conditions.

Christmas 2010Edit

Riverside Rush Snow

Riverside Rush Winter, with frosty grass and snow falling.

The first snow maps to stay in the game even after the winter had ended came in 2010. All maps that received snow alterations in 2009 returned as permanent, modified snow maps, this time with the ground textures repainted and a few decorative props added to certain keypoints of the maps. In addition, Alpine Assault also received a snow conversion, joined by Buccaneer Bay Winter Night, a unique hybrid of both Night and Snow mode.

Christmas 2011Edit

Perilous Port received a snow conversion.

Christmas 2012Edit

Victory Village and Coastal Clash got an rework which added more snow and changed color pallet as well texture improvements. The snow on top of roofs can be walked through. Midnight Mayhem Winter is introduced with same snow as in previously mentioned maps.

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Lightbulbs tends to be decoration for a few different props on most Winter maps. On Buccaneer Bay Night, the oak tree at town is replaced with huge, spruce one similiar to these in Alpine Assault Winter with lightbulbs on it.

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