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A National Commando with a Sniper Rifle

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The sniper rifle is a weapon that be wielded exclusively by Commandos. It has the best accuracy of any weapon in the game and can take down almost anything, including Jeeps and Planes when used in conjunction with Piercing Shot, a commando ability which increases the sniper rifles power greatly.

The disadvantages to Rifles include problems like, cripplingly inaccuracy without the scope ("40" in deviation stat out of scope), often to the point where shots fired will be nearly perpendicular to the rifle itself. This inaccuracy makes Rifles more or less useless for any other purpose besides sniping. Also, use of the scope, which makes the rifle pin-point accurate, forces the player into a first-person perspective view of the scope's cross-hairs, limiting his peripheral vision and making him an easy target for an ambush, as well as reducing the moving speed of the player while scoping.

All the snipers have very high accuracy but have different firing speeds and recoil. The Bad Company 2 snipers are not the same as the Medal of Honor weapons; the SVD and M95 are slow, and the SV98 and M21 are fast snipers with less recoil but lower damage.

Medium Rifles


Icon Moderate 3013.png 3014.png Oscar's Farshot
The Gourmet


Icon Moderate 3040.png 3024.png Oscar's Super Farshot
The Uber Gourmet

These snipers are the middle ground between the others, but has less recoil and fires very quickly compared to the slow rifles, although not getting near the fast rifles speed and recoil. The power also increases when hitting the head. The damage for this gun is between 5-24 (no headshot damage included). The sniper is used for the less well-aimed. This type of rifle is least popular among players, although a rising movement is "quick-scoping" when a player gets relatively close to the enemy, and with Piercing Shot at 5, quickly kills him (reccommended for the uber/super version).

Fast Rifles


Icon Fast 3136.png 3135.png Roderick Rifle
The Groundbreaker


Icon Fast 3273.png 3274.png Whisperer VK-22
Agent's Infiltrator
Icon Fast 3152.png 3153.png Tier 1 Elite M-21
Specialist's Tier 1 SV-98
Icon Fast 3192.png 3154.png Winter Camo M-21
Winter Camo SV-98
Icon Fast 3023.png 3039.png Roderick Super Rifle
The Uber Groundbreaker

This sniper rifles themselves hasn't much recoil, but the damage isn't very strong alone. It can range to 5-23 (no headshot damage included). There are 8 rounds in these snipers (6 for the non-uber/super ones) and they are very reliable. Piercing Shot is highly recommended for effective killing.

Slow Rifles


Icon Slow 3146.png 3145.png Pipsqueak's Popper
Stefan's Sharpshooter
Icon Slow 3165.png 3170.png Pipsqueak's Dapper Popper
Stefan's Stylish Sharpshooter


Icon Slow 3239.png 3238.png Albert's Accelerator
Moritz's Magnetic Hurler
Icon Slow 3250.png 3249.png Blanco's Bullseye
Alberto's Asesino
Icon Slow 3269.png 3270.png Steven's Sporty Sniper
Victor's Victorious Viewpoint
Icon Slow 3025.png 3042.png M95
Icon Slow 3185.png 3184.png Pipsqueak's Super Popper
Stefan's Uber Sharpshooter

The powerful headshot snipers. The damage isn't that great hitting anywhere else in the body and there is a lot of recoil to this gun. But if you aim correctly and hit the head you could get a very strong hit. This type of sniper ranges from 5-40 (no headshot damage included). This sniper is the most popular snipers around. Piercing Shot is once again high recommended as a damage booster.

Anti-Material Rifles

File:Icon Very Slow.png 3227.png 3226.png Mk1 Bad Boy
Panzerhunter 39

Having a 1 bullet in clip, paired with slow reloading, it's not a big deal. Unless you know, that this gun's damage is Very high! It can shoot around (22-43, no head-shot damage included) but, with 5 level Piercing Shot, it can kill a full health commando in 1 shot (due to damage being lower on smaller ranges, the enemy commando has to be far away for the damage to exceed 80-85, to make SURE that the person dies. In larger maps, in proper positions, it is possible to exceed 90 damage per headshot, taking down commandos with Sarge's Stamina Boost as well). Another great advantage is it's ability to damage tanks, which is especially useful against organized teams. (Doesn't 1 hit anymore)



A Sniper perched on a building

  • To get the "Headshot" acheivement, you must kill an enemy by shooting him in head.
  • There are rumours that it is possible to hit 148 damage with a single shot using the slow sniper rifle with Piercing Shot. These are likely instances in Midnight Mayhem in which the sniper hit 48 damage while having the rocket captured gave him an additional 100 points.
  • BC2 and Medal of Honor special rifles are strong at any point. But of course, the headshots do more. These guns are the most expensive out of all sniper rifles. They are popular through among stronger snipers. They are just as strong as each other, but a pilfered/stolen sniper rifle costs more than one from your own team. Take care to note that the only difference between these rifles and the super/uber slow and fast rifles is a cosmetic change. There is no damage increase, just a prettier gun.
  • The Medal of Honor promotion adds 2 new sniper rifles, the SV98 and M21. These weapons are the fast counterparts to the SVD and M95 and look quite a bit different. They are the only weapons in the promotion that are not based on any of the previous BC2 weapons.

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