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A Royal Gunner with a Shotgun

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shotguns zijn kut. Niet gebruiken,anders pak ik je.

Stewart's Shotty / Friedrich's Fly SwatterEdit

Icon Short 3082.png 3081.png Stewart's Shotty
Friedrich's Fly Swatter
Icon Short 3163.png 3168.png Stewart's Dapper Shotty
Friedrich's Stylish Fly Swatter
Icon Short 3183.png 3182.png Stewart's Super Shotty
Friedrich's Uber Fly Swatter

Fast shotgun, most effective at close range. Be careful when dealing with a gunner or soldier with one of these because a few accurate shots can kills you in a matter of seconds. Keep your distance from them in order to survive. Blasting strike for soldiers and leg it for gunners is highly recommended.

Hubble's Double Trouble / Steiner's ShotgunEdit

Icon Moderate 3009.png 3010.png Hubble's Double Trouble
Steiner's Shotgun
Icon Moderate 3029.png 3126.png Hubble's Super Double Trouble
Steiner's Uber Shotgun

Meant to be used at close-medium range, has noticeably high damage at medium range. At long range they become very inaccurate so try to keep your enemy relatively close. Note that soldiers and gunners start with a default tier 1 version of this weapon.

Slugger / Uwe's OverpoweredEdit

Icon Long 3088.png 3087.png Slugger
Uwe's Overpowered
Icon Long 3028.png 3016.png Super Slugger
Uwe's Uber Overpowered

Slower shotgun, hits better on farther away enemies due to the tight spread and very high damage. Careful aim is even more important to develop when using this shotgun. The slow firing speed on this weapon can best be countered by having cover to shoot over... For example, the walls around the rocket on Midnight Mayhem.

590 Assault Shotgun / 870 MCS ShotgunEdit

Icon Long 3197.png 3200.png 590 Assault Shotgun
870 MCS Shotgun

Having less shots, then normal long range shoties (6 ammo), but having bigger damage output, at any range, well as even bigger 'cooldown beetween shots. It's great at Very long range, well as Long range, but very bad at Close range. Thight spread involves this weapon a great choice for hero, that want to deal with soldier's Blasting Strike! Equiping Dual Assault Shotguns is very powerful. It is possible to 2 shot soldiers, 3 shot gunners, and 2 shot Commandos.

McGee's Matador / Bill's BuckshotEdit


  • Shotguns slightly better than Super Shotguns, due to the fact that they contain more firepower.
  • 10% Higher Critical Hit chance.
  • 1 extra bullet
  • Sounds and looks make it feel different.


  • Low chance of it appearing in the DOTD
  • Considered noobbish 
  • Possible to one shot Commandos if crits.

Steven's Sporting Shotgun / Franz's Fielding FirearmEdit

Icon Long 3267.png 3268.png Steven's Sporting Shotgun
Franz's Fielding Firearm

Reskin of the original 590 Assault Shotgun870 MCS Shotgun.

Steve's Sonic Boom / Sergei's Subwoofer Edit

Icon Moderate 3348.png 3349.png Steve's Sonic Boom
Sergei's Subwoofer

-Very High SR dmg Output(~55)

-Pushs your enemy in the air (SR and MR only)


-Low Fire Rate

-No Crits

Models & SoundsEdit

  • Standard/Dapper/Stylish

Both Royal and National shotguns are rather generic combat shotgun designs, with the main differences being the color of the furniture and the shape of the receiver (The Royal shotgun has a rounded corner on the back of the receiver wheras the National shotgun has an angled corner). Because the only shotgun widely used during WWI and WWII, the basis of the game's setting, was the Winchester Model 1897 in "Trench" configuration, it is possible that the designs draw from it for detail. This, however, is unlikely as there are several shotguns in existence that more closely match the shape of the game model.

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  • Super/Uber

The Super and Uber shotguns appear to be of fictional design. They appear to be breech-loading double-barreled shotguns with the buttstock and barrel "sawed off", a shoutout to pop culture's portrayal of such a shotgun as a relentless machine of kickass. Double-barreled breech-loading shotguns, while still popular today in hunting, were much more common in the Late-19th and Early-20th Centuries and were commonly used by prohibition-era gangs with sawed-off barrels and stocks for greater mobility and wider spread.

Battlefield Heroes - Shotgun Sounds

Battlefield Heroes - Shotgun Sounds

An video that cover most shotgun sounds

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Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to their names, the Uwe's Overpowered/Slugger is often considered to be the weakest of the shotguns, mainly due to a slow rate of fire, and because of their spread negating any long range abilities. This, coupled with their tendency to do low amounts of damage even at their supposed most effective range, sees their avoidance by many users. In the hands of a player with experience in their use and a considerable amount of luck, they can actually be quite powerful.
  • Of all the Second Tier weapons, the Long Range shotguns (Uwe's Uber Overpowered and the Super Slugger) have the highest critical hit chance.
  • The highest hit of all Shotguns are the hits of the 590 Assault Shotgun and the 870 MCS Shotgun, they can hit 56 at all distances.