Template:Infobox/Draft Seaside Skirmish is one of the first two maps that were already available in the closed beta. It features a tall climbable Lighthouse which is on the main street at the end of the village. Nationals and Royals both start on outlying farm points before rushing to claim the two centre points. The map is extremely open and ideal for jeeps, tanks and planes. Although the map makes for great tank skirmishes and aerial dogfights, its long distances and lack of cover make it extremely hard for infantry, not just to get around, but to survive and win on a whole.

Another resulting threat of the map's large open fields coupled with covered secluded out of way places are Commandos with Sniper Rifles. The most obvious camping place is the towering lighthouse at the end of the village, but this is very exposed to return fire from both the ground and the air. Added to that, the ladder up the structures cliff-side is long and lacking protection, not to mention directly in the view of another well-used sniper position, a remote untravelled hill parallel to the lighthouse on the National side of the map. This point has a good cover of trees, good views and a building with a raised balcony. Another well frequented sniping den of both factions is the low cliffs to the south of the Village flag as it has sweeping views over most of the map when followed around and is easy for a commando to simply disappear if confronted by hostile infantry or vehicles.


Royal Tanks on Seaside Skirmish

It has been said that tanks are a near unstoppable force on this map. The best chance infantry have to take them on is the slightly-cluttered urban setting, that is, the village. Gunners with Tank Busters should gain height so they are less likely to be seen and can't be run over, in other words, getting on top of buildings or at least ascending a balcony. Heroes without ranged anti-tank weapons (Commandos and Soldiers) can find shelter much more easily and are less likely to be run over. Their infantry AT weapons act much more effectively at close quarters.


SS Overview

Check out this tactical map to give a quick reference to the general area of a flag, where you were last, or where everyone should be next.

Planning out your next round? Organizing your clan strategy? Take a look the Conquest guide to ensure the control of the 4 capture points:

  • Farm
  • Village
  • Lighthouse
  • Hillside Farm

Royals spawn at Farm first, it happens that heroes spawn at the backbase for some unknown reason from time to time.


As Seaside Skirmish is the first released map in history, it was used as Tutorial map. You spawn at Hillside-Lighthouse Point and continue your way with various vehicles through the landscape.

Capture the FlagEdit

Just like Coastal Clash the very first Capture the Flag playtests were done on Seaside to collect information about vehicle compatibility. With Version 1.76 on 15th March 2012 Seaside has game files for the latest CtF game mode, that makes it high realistic to be released soon.

Notable SpotsEdit



The Lighthouse at night

The Lighthouse is a tall building located in the village and serves as the map's landmark. The Lighthouse is accessible with a long climb up a ladder located behind the Lighthouse. This spot has a great view of most of the Village.

It is an obvious camping spot for Commandos but sometimes also attracts Gunners and Soldiers. Many will shoot at the lighthouse without having an idea if there's actually a stealthed commando, so don't be upset if you're getting shot though being invisible. A good tactic is to place a Troop Trap on the bottom of the ladder so that anyone who comes round to climb up will be blasted backwards off the cliff.

A popular tactic is the 180 wingclip where a pilot potions his plane at just the right angle so he can do circular wingclip. This is often used to rack up wingclips and annoy the enemy.

When climbing up the ladder, you can lean you hero forward and see right through the lighthouse. This can reveal enemy heroes.

Village HillsEdit

A long range of hills set as great, out of the way sniping. This has a great straight away view of the Village and up to the Lighthouse. With shifting movements, you can also see most of the rest of the map. It is accessible by walking around or double jumps for quicker access.

Hillside LedgeEdit

When spawn-trapped at Hillside Farm, many snipers love to sit right out in front of the Hillside spawn and snipe. It proves to be a wonderful spot with views of most of the 2 center flags and is covered by shady trees, giving a sniper more of a camo effect.

Hillside-Lighthouse PointEdit

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The hill parallel to the lighthouse on the Hillside Farm side is a favorite for sniping commandos on both sides as it is often deserted and has a great view on the lighthouse. A sniper in this spot can easily pick off anyone who tries to climb the ladder.

This camping spot is one of the main reasons that camping at Lighthouse is a bad idea. It has a building with a balcony, plenty of cover, is deserted almost every round and has a perfect view of Lighthouse, the Lighthouse point and the ladded up to Lighthouse. There is a photo of this camping spot at the top of the page.



Lighthouse at day

  • Seaside Skirmish appears to be located in western Denmark.
  • A Gunner can enter the lighthouse from the top with a well placed rocket jump, entering through the roof.
  • Commandos can shoot themselves on the lighthouse through the use of Troop Traps which should be placed on the mast in front it.
  • Seaside Skirmish and Sunset Showdown share the same initials, and are the only maps that do so. Sunset Showdown is commonly referred to as SSD/SS2, due to its later release.
  • Seaside Skirmish is the only map to spawn tanks at every flag.
  • Seaside Skirmish is the biggest and most common used map in BFH. As seen in the BFH Wiki background, Seaside Skirmish.
  • Usually, many players hop in one of the many available Tanks and capture various flags. This usually leads to irritation by experienced players as they see the tank as an overpowered, and use it as less as possible.
  • Because of this, it is said that Seaside Skirmish is one of the most hated maps on Battlefield Heroes.