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Robot Weapons Vault Highlight

Also known as Robotic Weapons. The Futuristic Commando Rifles, Cyborg Gunner Machine Guns and Robotic Soldier SMGs came along the Robots and Scientists. The latter with the new Robots during February 2013.


Icon Pilfered
Description Type Specification
Scientist Weapons
3239.png Empty Item Icon Albert's Accelerator Sniper Rifle Long Range
Slow Speed
3238.png Empty Item Icon Moritz's Magnetic Hurler
Robotic Weapons
3341.png Empty Item Icon Brass-Bender's Battle Arm Machine Gun Moderate Range
Moderate Speed
3340.png Empty Item Icon Destroyer Drones Demolisher
3343.png Empty Item Icon Brass-Bender's Chopper Sub-Machine Guns Moderate Range
Moderate Speed
3342.png Empty Item Icon Destroyer Drone's Kommandant
Robotic Weapons 2
3324.png Empty Item Icon Surreal Super Rifle Sub-Machine Gun Range
3329.png Empty Item Icon Unrealistic Uber Rifle
3326.png Empty Item Icon Hyper Drive Rifle sniper rifle Range
3327.png Empty Item Icon Elektro Slinger
Alien Weapons
3338.png Empty Item Icon Void Shortcut Explosive Range
3339.png Empty Item Icon The Wormhole
3346.png Empty Item Icon Homer's Homing Gun Machine Gun Range
3347.png Empty Item Icon Beck's Bloodhound Gun
3348.png Empty Item Icon Steve's Sonic Boom Shotgun Moderate Range
3349.png Empty Item Icon Sergei's Subwoofer


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  • The Robotic weapons 2 SMG's, are slow firing, opposite to Destroyer Drone's Komandant/Brass Bender's Chopper wich were relased during Robotic Heroes event.
  • The teleporters "Void Shortcut" and "The Wormhole" do not teleport you. Instead, you will switch places with the Teleporter placement upon use. Additionally, the objects can be destroyed if a player from the opposite faction fires upon it.  



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