The Royal Army, or "Royals" for short, is one of the two factions in the game, inspired by the World War II American and British armies. They are identified by their muscular frame, strong shoulders and thick jaws. Their rival is the National Army.

The Royal Army has its own unique style of vehicles, weapons and clothing.

Neither faction has any inherent weaponary or ability advantage over the other, though some argue some maps slightly favour one team, with the initial two bases the players capture generally depending on their faction. These slight issues arise due to a lack of symmetry on Battlefield Heroes maps.


Like the National Army, the Royals have three Classes and they are exactly the same as National ones, except for the weapons they use, which underneath, are identical anyway. These three classes are Soldiers, Commandos and Gunners.


Royal Army

Look up the royal weaponry in the Weapons section. The royal prefixes are:

  • Dapper
  • Super
  • Pilfered


The bulk of Royal clothing available for valor points resembles World War Two British or American military uniforms. There is still a great deal of novelty clothing available and special themes tend to appear in the ingame store on a monthly basis, such as ninjas, templar knights and zombies.

Take a look at the Clothing section.



Royal Tanks on Seaside Skirmish

Due to the differences with the vehicle models, there are some obvious advantages/disadvantages. For example, the Royal jeep is much thinner than the National one, which means that it can pass through small passages where the National jeep can't, but negatively, the smaller profile makes it difficult to achieve roadkills and, without the added stability, easier to overturn.

The Royal army's vehicles are based of actual World War II era vehicles just like the National army's vehicles are based of their German counterparts. The Royal light tank as it is called in game is based upon the M4 Sherman tank. The Royal plane is based upon the Supermarine Spitfire and the jeeps are based upon the Willys MB jeep.

Forum users often use the looks of the vehicles as an argument for not adding any more Modern Era content. Despite the vehicles looking like real vehicles from that time the game isn't strict to the Second World War theme.

Symbols & Banners


A Royal Jeep with the Royal Star

The Royal Army has three symbols:

  • The Crown Cross which appears on their flags and not much else.
  • The Royal Star appearing on their Jeeps, Tanks and Planes which almost always appears with two sets of three parallel lines coming diagonally off the left and right sides.
  • Finally the Royal Bullseye which appears on their planes as well as several items of clothing.

Real World Influences


The flag used by this faction is a red and white cross on a blue background, with a yellow crown in the middle in the foreground.

The Royals are based on a combination between Great Britain and America and has strong elements of both. The main symbol of the Royal Army, the Royal flag, is almost completely made up, but contains the three main colours of the British flag with the addition of yellow. It is a red and white cross with a blue background and a yellow crown in its centre.


  • As seen on the first Battlefield Heroes trailer in 2009, the Royals´s leader is the Royal King, known for having a giant moustache and using a Royal Flag as a t-shirt.
  • The royal anthem is "Onward and Upward" from the album "Royal Air Force Brass and Wind Bands 3" by Barrie Hingley.[1]


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