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The Tank Buster (RPG, or Rocket Propelled Grenade) is a ranged anti-armor weapon. It fires explosive projectiles that deal splash damage. The tank buster can only be equipped by the Gunner Class and is best deployed against Jeeps and Tanks though in some tactics it is also used as an effective counter against infantry. (see tactics)

A key component of advanced Gunner gameplay, mastering the use of the RPG is required to survive in higher level combat.

Tank Buster / Faust's PanzerfistEdit

3007.png 3008.png Tank Buster
Faust's Panzerfist
3160.png 3171.png Dapper Tank Buster
Faust's Stylish Panzerfist
3175.png 3174.png Super Tank Buster
Faust's Uber Panzerfist

Your standard issue rocket launcher. They can deal a huge damage to both infantry and vehicles, and direct hits often cause targets to get knockback. Super/Uber versions have Critical Hit chance.


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Range (Tier)
Stats Medium (1) Medium (2)
Rounds/min 45
Ammo 1
Reload 3.5
Velocity 45
Deviation 0
Recoil Up 0.8/1.5/0
Recoil L/R* -0.45/0.45/0
Init Damage 14-19
MR Damage 20-25
LR Damage 27-33
MR Distance 40
LR Distance 50
Crit. Chance 0 0.3
Crit. Damage 0 10
Explosion (Infantry Only)
Radius 9
Damage 7
Force 25

* Recoil Left/Right

Dragon's Fire / Drake's FireEdit

3208.png 3210.png Dragon's Fire
Drake's Fire
3209.png 3211.png Dragon's Azure Fire
Drake's Crimson Fire

These unique rocket launchers come equipped with a default of two rockets. It has the highest infantry damage of all the rocket launchers, but the lowest damage on tanks. It has a bounce capability and explodes after a short amount of time, not when it hits something. This RPG is best used against infantry and can be highly effective on direct hits.

Sam's SAM / Albert's Anti-Air ArrowEdit

3225.png 3224.png Sam's SAM
Albert's Anti-Air Arrow

These weapons work identically to the Tank Buster / Faust's Panzerfist, but have the ability to target and follow planes. This can be helpful if an anti-air gun is not handy. However, they are not accurate and do not hit the targeted planes all of the time.

Lil' Boomer / Micro BlasterEdit

3278.png 3277.png Lil' Boomer
Micro Blaster

Claiming less damage than any of the Rocket Launchers, these pistols are fast on the reload, but have less blast force.


Due to the fairly large blast radius and long, fairly slow arc, RPGs can be used as mortars of sorts. While a direct hit is far more punishing than splash damage, it's generally enough to suppress or surprise an enemy. The Second Tier version is better for the mortar role, because of its larger blast radius. Coupled with the fact that they don't lose damage over range, an "Artillery Gunner" of sorts can provide a fair amount of long-range fire under the right conditions.

Many gunners use the RPG as an opening hit to blast the enemy into the air making the RPG useful for more than anti-tank purposes. This tactic is known as "Volleying" or "Juggling", and when used properly it can easily eradicate enemies, ranging from Knifing/Sniping Commandos to other Gunners. The most common reason for death from "Juggling" or "Volleying" is the lack of use of a parachute, often caused by the suprise from being hurled into the air.

The Tankbuster is often used to detonate Kegs prematurely.

Though an indirect hit to an enemy tank still deals some damage it is considerably less than a direct hit. Therefore it is important to calculate in the movement of the target before firing for better damage.

The rocket jump is the most famous way to reach high places such as roofs or mountaintops.

When confronting hostile armour with Tank Busters, try to avoid possible tank smashes by gaining height and ascending balconies or roofs. This will also serve to make you harder to target.

Models & SoundsEdit

  • Standard/Dapper/Stylish
The Royal rocket launcher is based on the American M1 Bazooka, while the National rocket launcher is based on the German Panzerfaust from 1940s.
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  • Super/Uber
The Tier 2 versions are based on cannons. It's the most unrealistic weapon in the whole game, as it's impossible to hold a cannon on a shoulder, even less to hold it when experiencing recoil or destroy a tank.
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  • Anti-Aircraft
They Royal anti-air launcher is based off the FIM-92 man-portable SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile), known commonly as the "Stinger." The National anti-air launcher is based off the M20 "Super Bazooka," a 90mm variant of the M9A1 Bazooka.


RPG has some bugs wich have existed for a long time:

  • Double reload bug: Some times when pressing more keys at once while reloading the RPG it gets stuck after the reload animation for about 3 seconds as if it was reloaded again. No available workaround.
  • Sometimes it happens that the rocket itself won't make a curved ballistics trajectory through the air but will steer randomly in flight. However, this could be part of the game physics, especially since it's most common when firing from a vehicle.


  • To get the "Ballistic" heroic moment, you must kill an enemy with a Tank Buster over a great distance.
  • In terms of uses the Tank buster is one of the most versatile weapons in the game.
  • In prior Battlefield games, the Tank Buster is referred to as a "Rocket Launcher". The term's use in Battlefield Heroes is probably to distance itself from the all-purpose weapon from prior Battlefield games, as a direct hit with a rocket launcher (or a near miss, assuming you strike the ground beside the target) would generally kill an infantryman, while the Heroes equivilant generally doesn't deal more than thirty to fourty points of damage on a direct hit - incidentally, causing a Gunner to be able to take the same amount of direct hits as a tank to kill (assuming an ability such as I Eats Grenades doesn't come into play). The Developers also cannot seem to make up their minds conserning what exactly the Tank Buster is called. It seems to revolve between that term, and the abbreviation "RPG" used by Russia and the former Soviet Union to designate man-portable anti-tank rocket launchers.
  • Tank busters also do fairly well on Anti-Aircraft guns.
  • Dragon's Fire/Drake's Fire is often named Dragonzooka or simply DF. It's also banned on most servers, because of its anti-infantry power. Most curious thing is, that it's banned even on vehicle servers, where it's generally inferior.