Riverside Rush (RR) is an infantry map, released in the Heroes Of The Fall update. Riverside Rush doesn't have any Planes, Tank or Jeeps and is therefore the first actual infantry map released.


Riverside Rush features two empty canals connecting village surrounding river from east to west. According the update it's season obviously is fall. The orange/yellow theme perfectly fits into the classic colourful textures. Houses are spread randomly in the landscape, more a hamlet than a real village.

Game modesEdit


RR Overview

Check out this tactical map to give a quick reference to the general area of a flag, where you were last, or where everyone should be next.

Planning on your next round? Organizing your clan stratagy? Take a look the Conquest guide to ensure the control of the 4 capture points:

  • Boulevard
  • Toll House
  • Market
  • Square

The main action in Riverside Rush happens between Market, Boulevard and Square while the Toll House is less frequented.

The area around Boulevard is a bit of a Commando nest with snipers drawn to the hill which has good views across the center of the battlefield and knifers drawn to open space and easy capture points. It is also common to see royal commandos sniping at Toll House from the Royalbase. Royals tend to catch the Market and Boulevard while the Nationals capture the Toll House and Square.

Capture the FlagEdit

Riverside Rush CTF mode was released with Version 1.82 after having been in the game files since Version 1.76.

V2 VengeanceEdit

Riverside Rush - Heroes of the Hill - Full Round

Riverside Rush - Heroes of the Hill - Full Round

There's a HotH version in developement and has been released for a short duration by accident. Still unsure when it's officially readded.

The two rockets have been very enjoyable and the out of bounds areas leading near to the enemy rocket have been experimental but very interesting nontheless.


For more details on this topic, see Riverside Rush/Strategy.

Notable SpotsEdit


Boulevard BalconyEdit

This point is a very visible spot, but you can pick off any enemy troops coming from the Market or the Square. This spot is used by all classes and provides enough cover for a player. The downside is that the enemy can see you very easily and knifers will often attempt to raid it.

Toll House DocksEdit

National snipers often attack from here if Toll House comes under attack from Royal snipers up at the cliffs of the Royal back base.

Boulevard RiseEdit

This point is easily accessable and offers decent cover from range, but there is nothing to stop other heroes attacking you. It's very secluded and has a good view.

Toll House RoofEdit

The building that sits astride the path from Market to Toll House makes an excellent sniping point for those wishing to take on Royals leaving their spawn, attacking Boulevard or Toll House as well as snipers at the Royal Base. It can be reached with TT and offers good cover and good view if you use the third-person view to your advantage.

Royal Base CliffsEdit

Royals all snipe from around here and attack people at Toll House and Boulevard.

Market FenceEdit

Many heroes will try to jump up and fire over the Market fence towards Toll House.

Boulevard Hill HouseEdit

Located to the left of the spawning area for the Boulevard, this spot is away from most of the fight. Easy to access with a simple walk up a hill, it gives a great view of the canals, middle courtyard between the Market and Boulevard, and some of the bridge from the Toll House to the Market. The disadvantage to this spot is very low level of cover and a soldier or gunner can easily kill you from a distance.



  • The tavern at the market is the same as the one in Buccaneer Bay village.
  • The name "Riverside Rush" was suggested by player Cpt.Ossa[2]


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