Reedem Code Frame

Image of the redeem box on the official website.

Redeem Codes are used to give out special items during an event or to hand out Promotion Items. This feature existed already during the Closed Beta.

Redeem codes consist of 16 capitalized letters and numbers divided in pairs of 4, each pair separated by a dash (e.g. R5U7-IU8T-02PO-1W9P).

Codes can be configured to expire at a specific date. The amount of uses is depending on the intent. Some are unique (contest prizes), limited (promotion) or unlimited (rewards). In each case they can be used only once per account.

Where & How to redeem a code?Edit

To redeem a code, log in to and go to: "Store & funds" > "Redeem Code"


Some people still try to offer 700BF Redeem Codes or others from olden times. Those codes have already expired or are accessible to everyone. So don't give money or account detail in return. You will be scammed in each case!

To reduce the risk of scamming and fair dispotion when giving out certain rewards the Reward System was introduced the 16th May 2011 and both features will persist next to each other. Depending on the demand either the one or the other will be used in the future.


  • Closed Beta rewards like the Monkey and Parrot or the 700BF code.
  • Trial Weapon Codes (UZI, modern Shotgun, GL)
  • Trial Set Codes (El Hermosos/Navaja Roja's set, Astronaut/Kosmonatut sets...)
  • Special events like
    • Halloween (Zombie Mask, Skeleton Head)
    • Christmas (Horns, XP/VP-Boosts, Tonics)
    • 7.000.000 users (free tonics and XP/VP boost)
    • 2 Years Of BFH ( 2 Year Anniversary Hat and 77 BF for each faction)