Prestige Ranks were introduced during the Heroes Of The Fall update. They are based damage dealt by the player during play. They follow the general order of military titles with private through to general followed by the roman numeral pertaining to their number rank.

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What are Prestige Ranks and how do they work?Edit

Once your hero has progressed beyond level 10 - by decimating your enemy you start gathering Rank points, which in turn will impress the top-brass and move you onward toward your next rank.

As you get promoted from rank to rank, a title will appear below your name for all to see. As this can be somewhat hard to see while fighting for your life, we also added it to your hero's profile page. Also, now your rank shows on the left hand side of your screen, so you don't have to look on your profile.

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Ranks are earned by damaging your enemy, there are no special requirements for ranks, except for the fact that you must be level 10.

Each rank is earned after you have dealt 1600 hit to enemies.

The first rank you will receive is the rank of "Private", you will work your way through the ranks until you reach the rank of "General", but it doesn't stop there. Once you have reach the rank "General" and finish this rank you get the rank of "Private II" and you will work through that stage until "General II", this continues until you get to "General C".

Here is a list of the available ranks.

Player Prestige Level:

  1. [Private]
  2. [Specialist]
  3. [Corporal]
  4. [Sergeant]
  5. [Lieutenant]
  6. [Captain]
  7. [Major]
  8. [LT.Colonel]
  9. [Colonel]
  10. [Brigadier General]
  11. [Major General]
  12. [LT.General]
  13. [General]

Extract of the prestige rotation:

Player Prestige Rotation:

  • 01 I
  • 02 II
  • 03 III
  • 04 IV
  • 05 V
  • ...
  • 50 L
  • ...
  • 95 XCV
  • 96 XCVI
  • 97 XCVII
  • 98 XCVIII
  • 99 XCIX
  • 100 C

It is rumored that shotguns and machine guns ranks up much faster, as they fire more bullets faster than other weapons. It's true because the rank is based of the numbers of hit you doing, every 1600 hits, you rank up.

More ranksEdit

Quote: Thisassthere

This information was given when prestige ranks were released:

Player_Prestige_Level_14 Lazy Lackey
Player_Prestige_Level_15 Merry Mercenary
Player_Prestige_Level_16 Narcoleptic Nemesis
Player_Prestige_Level_17 Inadequate Opponent
Player_Prestige_Level_18 Heroic Protagonist
Player_Prestige_Level_19 Querulist Contender
Player_Prestige_Level_20 Rabble Rouser
Player_Prestige_Level_21 Salted Seargant
Player_Prestige_Level_22 Tactical Error
Player_Prestige_Level_23 Ursine Aggressor
Player_Prestige_Level_24 Vitriolic Victor
Player_Prestige_Level_25 Wayside Wanderer
Player_Prestige_Level_26 Wartime Wonder
Player_Prestige_Level_27 Eager Beaver
Player_Prestige_Level_28 Spring Chicken
Player_Prestige_Level_29 Fully Functional
Player_Prestige_Level_30 Pesky Private
Player_Prestige_Level_31 Strapping Specialist
Player_Prestige_Level_32 Cool Corporal
Player_Prestige_Level_33 Loony Lieutenant
Player_Prestige_Level_34 Crazed Captain
Player_Prestige_Level_35 Misunderstood Major
Player_Prestige_Level_36 Loopy Lieutenant Colonel
Player_Prestige_Level_37 Crafty Colonel
Player_Prestige_Level_38 Big Bad Brigadier General
Player_Prestige_Level_39 Mighty Major General
Player_Prestige_Level_40 Lucky Lieutenant General
Player_Prestige_Level_41 Generous General
Player_Prestige_Level_42 Zany Xenophobe
Player_Prestige_Level_43 Infamous Infiltrator
Player_Prestige_Level_44 Artful Dodger
Player_Prestige_Level_45 Combat Artist
Player_Prestige_Level_46 Gastral Gladiator
Player_Prestige_Level_47 Armchair Admiral
Player_Prestige_Level_48 Naughty Novice
Player_Prestige_Level_49 Wayward Warrior
Player_Prestige_Level_50 Not So Mr. Nice Guy

Why do we stop at 13?

Is there ever going to be done anything with the rest?

Yup the prestige system has a lot of room for growth. Originally we had 75 titles that were boiled down to those in the list; and then we decided that keeping the 'proper' ranks was the best initial delivery and we could expand once we found time.
Also - Narcoleptic Nemesis was one of my favorites when I was making the first list. :)

More to comeEdit

Second - The current Prestige/Ranks system is very (lots of stress on the *very*) first step. All the things you list, and much more, are still 'to be completed/polished/tuned/etc' for this system. We almost did not include the ranks in the release because it was such a small first step, but decided that ranks were neat enough on their own to go out without the rest of the supporting more to come. :)
The only thing that might happen with prestige points is that we want build the actual titles system we designed a couple years back and reset current ranks so that some one's title actually means something more than "you played a lot and shot a lot of enemy........AA turrets" With the mission revamp finally back on tracks we might be able to get to making meaningful ranks sometime next winter [2012].


One of the alternative designs for the ranks was a skill/performance system - which we still might do sometime in the future.
For the current ranks we wanted everyone to have equal opportunity to advance so we went with a flat stat like damage. :)