Punk Weapons

The Punk Weapons are a new bunch of weapons released at the end of March 2011. They differ from all weapon sets released so far because it includes the new weapon type the Grenade Launcher, along with complete new kinds of Pistols and Shotguns.

The second lore delivered by the Punk Heroes 2 was even more extensive and featured a full range of weapon types, like Sub-machine Shotgun, Shotgun with Grenade Launcher or huge demolishing Rocket Launchers. These are the last re-skins (except Brute Puncher/Titan's Thunder and Nailer/Leadstorm) to known being created and released.


Icon Pilfered
Description Type Specification
3195.png Empty Item Icon M32 MGL Grenade Launcher Range
3198.png Empty Item Icon MGL 140
3196.png Empty Item Icon Micro SMG Pistols Short Range
Fast Speed
3199.png Empty Item Icon TEC-9
3197.png Empty Item Icon 590 Assault Shotgun Shotguns Long Range
Slow Speed
3200.png Empty Item Icon 870 MCS Shotgun
Punk Weapons 2
3317.png Empty Item Icon The Swarmer Machine Gun Range
3318.png Empty Item Icon The Rapid
3308.png Empty Item Icon Brute Puncher Shotgun Range
3309.png Empty Item Icon Titan's Thunder
3305.png Empty Item Icon Nailer Sub-Machine Gun Range
3306.png Empty Item Icon Leadstorm
3311.png Empty Item Icon Rufin's Ruffian Pistol Range
3312.png Empty Item Icon Goddard's Goon
3313.png Empty Item Icon Subcanon Rifle Sniper Rifle Range
3314.png Empty Item Icon Dark Manta
3315.png Empty Item Icon Ben's Bunker Blaster Rocket Launcher Range
3316.png Empty Item Icon Trench Wrecker


The Grenade Launchers featured in this release were most likely included due to popular demand from the community after a forum post in the Suggestions by SufferBaron. In this post the weapon was intended as a means for soldiers to defend themselves from Tanks. Despite the original idea the weapons now found in game are considdered Anti-Infantry by some players rather than Anti-Vehicle. They were also designed to be barrel brake models where the barrel has to be broken and a new round inserted rather than the six-shooter revolver style that made it to the game.


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