Play4Free Funds is the virtual micro-transaction currency used by (most of) EAsy's Play4Free titles, including Battlefield Heroes. Previously, Battlefield Heroes made use of a different micro-transaction currency, which was called Battlefunds. However, on the 13th January 2012, Battlefunds were replaced with Play4Free Funds and can no longer be acquired.

Play4Free Funds are commonly referred to as "Funds". You may encounter some players who still refer to them as Battlefunds or "BF".


This section is strictly for usage within Battlefield Heroes. For other uses, see Usage in other titles.

Permanent items

The major benefit with Funds is the ability to purchase certain items for an unlimited duration of time, in comparison to Valor Points which can only be used to rent items for a short period of time. These items include weapons, clothing/appearance items and emotes. Please note that such customization items that are available for renting with Valor Points can also be purchased permanently when using Funds.

Enhanced customization

One of Battlefield Heroes' main selling point is the ability to through customization items dress your heroes in the craziest of outfits. The vast majority of these items are purchased through Funds, and those that aren't tend to be very standardized and non-unique in comparison.

Hearty emotes

Emotes offer the highly-valued ability to express yourself in-character. Players who like to goof of with their in-game friends as well as those who would really like to make sure their fallen enemies remember them should therefore find the unique emotes available through Funds highly satisfying. Whilst emotes available for renting through Valor Points work well for some basic communication between your team mates, letting out a hearty cheer as you and your friends successfully take over the Town on Buccaneer Bay, or run of a cliff with a Jeep, adds a lot of dimension to the game and should not be taken lightly.

Exclusive limited-edition items

From time to time ultra-rare items comes into the store, featuring some very exclusive looks that could really set you apart from the crowd. For a hefty price, one of these items could be yours, provided you are purchase it in-time, for when those items leave the store, it becomes highly unlikely that they will be visiting again very soon. Whether or not this type of marketing appeals to you, EAsy themselves lists this as a selling point and feature available to those who purchase Funds, and therefore it should be treated as one.

Boost widgets

Not everyone have the time and dedication it takes to level their heroes through normal means. For those who purchase Funds, time limited "boost" widgets, such as the XP Boost, are available to speed up the levelling process. These widgets are not available for Valor Points at all.

Hot Deals

The Hot Deals section of the Battlefield Heroes website as well as the main screen of the client provide some special opportunities to acquire certain items for a reduced price. Before buying an item, you should always give the Hot Deals a sweep to see if you could save yourself a few funds.


The latest sets tend to come with a bundle offer, including the entire set for a reduced price. This is the main type of "deal" offered and there are a few different ones offered at all times. Whether you're looking for some clothes, weapons, emotes or widgets, consulting these can be very rewarding.

Deal of the Day

Updated Monday through Friday, the Deal of the Day is a unique offer available only for 24 hours (Friday deals last longer, to make up for the loss of updates during the weekend). The Deal of the Day is usually a combination of multiple items for a reduced price, and has sometimes contained previously unobtainable clothing items, which were then added to the store at a later time. The worth of these deals are very much up to personal taste, as they can sometimes get you a number of items you'd like, for a generous price, whilst at other times completely miss your mark. Either way, they're designed to be something you should keep an eye out for everyday.

Supply Drops

If you're looking to gamble, this is the deal for you. There's always a few different supply drops available, which you can read more about in the Supply Drops article, but they all share the same base principle. For a relative low price, you have a chance to receive one of out a few items specific to the supply drop you chose, and if you're out of luck you'll always receive something worth at least the price of the supply drop. Depending on the drop, the items you may get range from normally available items (which you have then received at a lower price in comparison to if you had simply purchased it from the store), to rare customization items that are part of a new clothing series, and finally to some very rare and unique items that can be seen as a testament to the amount of support you've shown to the game.


Extra hero-slot (Link)

For the price of 2499 Funds each, you can purchase an additional hero slot, allowing you to extend the number of heroes you can create on your account up to a total limit of 10 heroes.

Name change (Link)

For the price of 5899 Funds each, you can change the name of your account (which by default is the name of the first hero that you created) or the name of one of your heroes. The account name change and hero name change are separate, but currently cost the same amount of Funds.

Means of acquiring


Play4Free Funds are purchased through the Play4Free web page. To purchase through Battlefield Heroes, either click the "Get Funds" link under the "Store" dropdown menu, or click the "Get Funds" button in the game client.

Whichever option you chose, you are taken to the Play4Free - Purchase Play4Free Funds web page. From here, you must first select the amount of Funds you'd like to purchase. You can only choose between the predefined amounts. The available options may change over time, for example during "20% bonus Funds" weekends.

Once you've decided how much to spend, you are taken to the available payment options. These vary depending on the country you are purchasing from, and the amount you are trying to purchase.

You can get Top Up gifts too - With various purchase options, you can earn by paying for funds Exclusive content, Unreleased outfits, or Newest Hot deals. This includes Widgets, Clothes and Weapons. You can choose what gift you want - Royal or National. Top up gifts varies between 120 000 Fund option, and 22 000 Fund option, but they can go even lower to 2000 Funds and Top Up gift!

Funds payment plan

Payment Plan overview

Paying by SMS

Select any payment plan and press continue. Select Boku/Paymo SMS as your payment method, and you should be taken to a new page where you'll have to select a payment plan that works with the provider. For example, Boku offers a plan for 3000 Funds, which isn't shown on the first page.

Paying by EA Gamecard (US Only)

Select any payment plan and press continue. Select EA Account as your payment method. You should then be able to redeem your game card in exchange for money in your EA Account Wallet.


Depending on your payment method and the bank you use, it may take a while before the purchase has been processed. If you have not received your Funds within a week, the first step that you are advised to take is to contact the Battlefield Heroes Billing Support. If you do not receive a reply from Billing Support within 5 working days, you are advised to create a topic in the Players Helping Players section of the Battlefield Heroes forum, following the instructions in this post.



EAsy offered the ability to earn a few Funds by working for Sponsorpay. By doing things such as filling in forms, watching promotions and taking advantage of certain promos through a special EAsy endorsed page, you may be rewarded with some Funds. Note that the offer was taken down for yet unknown reasons [1][2].

Many, if not all offers require you to leave your contact information in order to gain funds, and some even want your real-life postal adress. Creating a seperate email account for this purpose is generally a good idea, as most offers consist of signing up for certain newsletters.

Other offers include ordering a promoted product to your home adress for money, generally these award the most funds. Market research surveys are available, but they screen their audience before actually presenting you with survey options. So, if their only offer is a consumer review for a certain type of car and you don't own a car, you will not get anything from them. Generally the easiest way to earn funds is to sign your email up for a newsletter, but those offers award the least points.

Please note that the offers on Sponsorpay may or may not be secure, and that it has been criticized for not properly awarding Funds for certain offers. It is advised that you keep your anti-virus on and to think twice before signing up to any offers and entering any personal details.

To view the available offers, click the "Get Funds" button on the Battlefield Heroes website or in the Battlefield Heroes game client, as if you were to purchase Funds. When you are taken to the "Purchase Play4Free Funds" page, look for a large button titled "Earn Play4Free Funds", in the lower right hand side of the screen. The button can be seen in the image depicting available payment plans above.

Recruit a Friend

You can earn 3500 Funds per friend recruited through the Recruit a Friend system. However, in order to be awarded the Funds, your friend has to reach level 7 and purchase at least 15000 Funds, within 60 days of the referral.


Play4Free Funds have been given out in various situations over the years, most often as one-use redeem codes.

Nobody knows for sure where or when the next Funds will be handed out, but some places where we could expect to see them would in an episode of Cain's Community Corner, in a forum thread, in the twitter feeds of EAsy employees or perhaps on the Battlefield Heroes facebook page. There's also a chance they'll be directly handed out through the Rewards system on the website.


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A lot of players have attempted to scam other players in the past. Here is a list of some of the most common, Play4Free Funds related scams to watch out for.

Fund generator

Do not download or even look at any tool that promises to generate free Funds (or Battlefunds) for you. An exploit to do so has never existed, and downloading such a tool will surely compromise the safety of your computer, along with your account details.

"I will buy Funds for you!"

Do not agree to any promises of free Funds, and do not hand out your account details.

Usage in other titles


Play4Free Funds is the Play4Free virtual micro-transaction currency. Your Battlefield Heroes Funds can also be used in the following Play4Free titles:

Conversion from Battlefunds

On January 18, 2012, your Battlefunds were converted into a new common currency - called Play4Free Funds. So from now on, you will use the same funds in Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free and Lord of Ultima.

Conversion Rate: 1 Battlefund = 6 Play4Free Funds.

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