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A National Commando holding a pistol.

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Pistols can fill a wide variety of slots in your combat arsenal depending on your needs and the type you select. Gunners cannot carry pistols and can only handle Shotguns as sidearms.

Garreth Custom / Florenz' Flurry Edit

Icon Short 3056.png 3055.png Garreth Custom
Florenz' Flurry
Icon Short 3162.png 3167.png Garreth Dapper Custom
Florenz' Stylish Flurry
Icon Short 3181.png 3180.png Garreth Super Custom
Florenz' Uber Flurry

Shorter range pistols such as the Garreth Custom and the Florenz' Flurry are excellent in close combat with bigger magazines and rapid three-round bursts. Best used for people that want to fire lots of bullets but are ammo-conservative. Friendly tip: Click rapidly when firing this pistol to imitate a fully automatic pistol.

Micro SMG / TEC-9 Edit

Icon Short 3196.png 3199.png Micro SMG

Fully automatic pistol. This pistol is great for self-controlled burst fires, or when a commando is about to stab you, letting loose all the ammo inside, NOT recommended for mid-range or long-range firefights as the bullet spread goes everywhere after a certain distance. Best used as a close-range self-defence weapon or for sneaky (not really) assassinations.

Sam's Silenced Sidearm / Jimmy's Suppressed G73 Edit

Icon Short 3272.png 3271.png Sam's Silenced Sidearm
Jimmy's Suppressed G73

A re-skin of normal Close-range pistol. Fits to Agent theme.

Carl's Cold Comfort / Ludwig's Loaded Edit

Icon Moderate 3005.png 3006.png Carl's Cold Comfort
Ludwig's Loaded
Icon Moderate 3026.png 3019.png Carl's Super Cold Comfort
Ludwig's Uber Loaded

The medium range pistols, Ludwig's Loaded and Carl's Cold Comfort, are the least encountered of all pistols because, although they aren't particularly weak, most people prefer either short or long range variants.

Hermoso's Hexshot / Navaja's Number 6Edit

Icon Moderate 3245.png 3246.png Hermoso's Hexshot
Navaja's Number 6

A re-skin of Mid-range pistols. Performs on par with Uber/Super version and fits to Cowboy theme.

Jack's Cloudmaker / Hector's HatredEdit

Icon Moderate 3202.png 3201.png Jack's Cloudmaker
Hector's Hatred

These weapons are unique because they have extremely superfluous accuracy (near 100% accurate), deals extreme damage when lands on target, but depends on the range of the target (being far away from the target is the best range). Consequently the pistols have only 1 bullet as ammo, and has a lengthy reloading time. However, these are only pistols in-game that every class can use so be it Commando, Soldier, or Gunner, take your pick!

These pistols are currently the only ones who can deal extra damage when getting a headshot.

Harry's Hand Cannon / Gerhart's Greatest Edit

Icon Long 3062.png 3061.png Harry's Hand Cannon
Gerhart's Greatest
Icon Long 3027.png 3037.png Harry's Super Hand Cannon
Gerhart's Uber Greatest

The long range pistols are great for Soldiers and Commandos who don't use Sniper Rifles as a protection against snipers because they are accurate at the ranges up to 200 metres, perform better than the hefty sniper rifle at medium ranges, and also allow you to aim and maneuvre better with the pistol. Compared to the sniper rifle, the pistol has crosshairs and does not blind you from your surroundings when firing.

Barrie's Barrel-o-Mania / Coen's Combined CrusherEdit

Icon Long 3219.png 3218.png Barrie's Barrel-o-Mania
Coen's Combined Crusher

Having an alternate fire upgrade which is compensated by only having 1 less bullet. The mounted shotgun has decent damage, 6 bullets, and they are fast. Great for taking out commandos!

Carlson's Competitive Capper / Werner's Winning WeaponEdit

Icon Long 3265.png 3266.png Carlson's Competitive Capper
Werner's Winning Weapon

The only fact is that this weapon costs less then ubers despite the fact it's a reskin.

Welding ToolEdit

Icon Close 3229.png 3228.png Bernhardt's Blowlamp
Faust's Panzercutter

These are not technically pistols as they occupy the explosive slot of your inventory, but they are counted as pistols in the workbench