If you look for earlier Updates, you should take a look at the Closed Beta stage.

Open Beta starts, the NDA has been lifted, but unfortunately many of the information pretaining to Battlefield Heroes' closed beta has been lost to time. It's unclear as to whether or not Heroes is actually "released", with the Developers not saying one way or the other, sometimes going as far as to make contradictory and convoluted statements.


Much has happened during this time, such as the balance of power shifting from Soldier to Gunner, the introduction of Stylish and Second-Tier weapons, price increases and decreases, and various other interesting tidbits that are a bit long to describe here.


The only notable event was the Football Fiesta, most players starved for new features or bugfixes instead of getting sick of the continous content updates. Late this year BF:P4F was revealed as modern BFH structured shooter and so everyone knew why Heroes lacked with updates. A new game was in the works and will steal major development resources until the late next year.


The year of comeback; Heroes finally has it's own independent developer group again and pushes the game foreward with the Summer of Heroes followed by Wicked Wake and peaked in Halloween, the most successfull, user friendly and balanced update since 2 years. The dark side appeared in form of Pirate Pistols giving Gunners a fairly unfitting weapon. Well at least the year had an acceptable ending with Capture the Flag and dam dam dam...(dramatic music) THE CLAW.


The year is young, Cain's Community Corner has been a fantastic start and was followed soon by the Vehicle Mayhem with Wasteland Heroes plus anti-vehicle weapons. A major weapon adjustment brought back some game balance, although there's much to do in this direction. A nice new client change came for a fresh new look to heroes along with picking a map. Then the new moon map came out which is called Lunar Landing gave heroes a new way of playing Heroes again.


A new developer known as Colonel_Jul joined the game, wich is yet the best thing that happened to Heroes from 2011. Serveral new outfits, including Snowboarders, Another Robots or Steampunks have joined the heroes way, alongside with the promise of no more reskins. Wich sees to complete, because the variety of weapons (From Flamethrowers to Bee Hives) have changed. And do you know what is the best? Meta-game! Now known as War Room, it's the fullifiying of the old wish that community had. The year is half-way, and the most festiviest releases have to come...


Colonel_Jul had a silent promotion resulting in his disappearance. Vital Bullet says goodbye to BFH for new adventures and thanks the community for the great years. Apart from these events a couple new sets were released, but gamplay wise the develompenet reached a plateau.


Unsurprisingly the end of Battlefield Heroes was announced. The ancient engine is no more worth investing and so the closure was set on the 14th July 2015. It would have been nice to see support for community developent or hosting, but EA isn't known to give intellectual property away for free.


The Game is back on