The lighthouse on Seaside Skirmish Night

A night map refers to a map set during the darkest hours of the night.

The first night maps were simply conversions of previously existing maps, but since then there have also been releases of maps that are only available in night mode.

Conversions of previously existing maps have "Night" appended to their name, whilst maps that are (or at some point were) only available in night mode do not necessarily follow this trend.



Vampires and WerewolvesEdit

The first Night Maps came with the release of Vampires and Werewolves.

V2 VengeanceEdit

With the introduction of V2 Vengeance came Midnight Mayhem, the first map to feature this game mode and also the first map to be released in night mode.

Christmas 2010Edit

With the snow conversions came Buccaneer Bay Winter Night, the first and currently only map to feature a mix of night and snow mode.

V2 Vengeance ConversionsEdit

Among the first maps to receive V2 Vengeance conversions were Coastal Clash and Coastal Clash Night. The night version differs from the day by having two rockets - one by the Windmill, and one at the Lookout.

Halloween 2011Edit

With the new Halloween sets came Perilous Port, the second map the be released in night mode.

Capture the Flag ConversionsEdit

Sometime around the release of Lunar Landing, Buccaneer Bay Night received a Capture the Flag conversion.

Monsters UpdateEdit

Inland Invasion Night is introduced with brand new gameplay for both sides, as the roles in the map are switched.



The Town on Buccaneer Bay Night

Night maps have dark, starry skies with a bright shining moon present.

Light is emitted from several windows on various buildings. Lampposts, as well as the lighthouses on Seaside Skirmish Night and Perilous Port, are turned on and light up the main roads. Ambient noise, such as wolves howling and bats rustling in the trees, can be heard.


On night mode maps, jeeps have their headlights turned on.


On Perilous Port, several Halloween-themed props such as pumpkins, spiderwebs as well as glowing eyes in the dark and ghosts sitting on benches can be seen. These are not present on Perilous Port Day and Perilous Port Winter. All of these features last only through the time of Halloween update.


Some players feel that Night Maps provide a tactical advantage for Commandos, because it is more difficult to see other players in the dark. It also may get easier to see them if the commando is wearing colours that don't blend well with the darkness.