The National Army, also known as the "Nationals" and referred to casually as the "Nats", is the fictional army based on the Wehrmacht or armed forces of the German state in during World War II. They are identified by their slim, athletic frame and gaunt face. Their rival is the Royal Army.


Default National

A National

Like the Royals, the National Army has three Classes: Soldiers, Commandos and Gunners. Each class utilizes different weapons and has a different set of abilities.

National Gunner Banner
National Soldier Banner
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National Army

Look up the national weaponry in the Weapons section. The national prefixes are:

  • Stylish
  • Uber
  • Stolen


The bulk of National clothing and all of the clothing available for valor points resembles World War Two German military uniforms. There is still a great deal of novelty clothing available and special themes tend to appear in the ingame store on a monthly basis including such examples as pirates, knights, ninjas, tourists, skeletons and the vampire.

Take a look at the Clothing section.


National Tank 02

A National Tank

Most weapons and vehicles are essentially the same as the Royal equivalents, except the National Jeep, which is arguably superior depending on whether you seek stability or agility. The only disadvantage is that it cannot fit through smaller spaces since it's a bit thicker and fatter than the Royal's vehicles.
Kubelwagen 2

A National Jeep

The National Army has four classes of vehicles which are Tanks, aforementioned jeeps, Planes, Helicopters and Anti-Air Guns. Tanks are arguably the most powerful with their relative fast speeds, powerful cannon and thick armour which can't be pierced by most infantry weapons. They also have a wider bumper than their royal counterparts which makes it easier to get tank smashes and much harder to get through narrow spaces. Tanks have a major threat factor on the battlefield and excel against infantry, jeeps and other tanks. Planes are extremely deadly in the right hands, and can be destroyed by anti-air, sniper rifles, and occasionally tanks. They can score "wing-clips" against heroes caught out in the open to great effect. Jeeps are primarily transport vehicles, although they aren't equipped with guns. They seat three people and are particularly vulnerable to tank shots, planes and Commando Piercing Shot. Helicopters are designed in the same way as Tank, and they are superior when it comes to control of Helicopter. Against plane, they are made from paper, and are extremely vurneable to any Machine Gun, Sniper and practicaly any rounds. They however lack the ability to do more crazy stunts, due to their lower force. That however means they can be controled with more ease, and can also earn Lawn Movers. Most notable difference is, that National Helicopter is lacks glass window screen, but unlike jeeps, the glass on Royal Helicopter does not make difference at all. They have accurate anti-infantry machine guns loaded with 100 ammo units and superior accuracy to planes, but these rounds lacks the anti-vehicle power, that plane have, and they are notably slower. Helicopters can deal minor damage to Tanks, and their shots cannot be eaten by IEG. Anti-Air Guns are the best weapons against planes and are located near capture points in air maps. They are also sometimes used as weak ranged anti-tank when nothing else is available but the result is so poor that most heroes are better off with infantry AT weapons like Sticky TNT and Tank Busters.Add

Symbols & BannersEdit


A National Tank with a Skull

The National Army has two symbols:

  • The Skull & Crossbones appears somewhere on all National vehicles and on their flag as well as innumerous items of clothing including the Skull Helmet, the National Team Shirt, the collar of the Honour Protector's Jacket and the arms of the Ace's and Edgar's Elite Jackets.
National Cross
  • The Red Cross is another prominent National symbol and appears on their planes. It is a cross turned 45 degrees on its side and in its slant resembles the skull & crossbones to some degree. This symbol also appears on the Black Knight's shield and chest piece which may lend it a far older heritage than the its more prominent twin. One particular variant, that on the Honour Guard's Gloves, resembles two crossed swords, which could debatably be the symbols origin. It also appears on the Dead Man's Eyepatch and the Thor's Turbojet Jacket as well quite a few hats and caps including the Secret Police cap, the Brown and Grey Navy caps for Commandos, the Kill-Count hat, the Special Forces cap and the Tank Commander's Topper. Another note-worthy variant upon the National Cross is that which features on the National Paratrooper's Cap which is a winged National Cross.
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Real World InfluencesEdit

National Flag

Their flag has a red background with a black and white skull and crossbones characterised by high cheek-bones very similar to those of the Nationals and a domed head which very much resembles the distinct curve of that many of their helmets have.

The National Army is primary based on Nazi Germany which was represented by a red, black and white swastika which is quite similar in design and coloring to the main National icon, the skull & crossbones. The skull and crossbones, also called the Jolly Rodger, is an image often depicted on pirate flags which is probably related one way another to the Nationals' first battlefunds clothing special in closed beta which was a pirate outfit and the second vehicle map, Buccaneer Bay.

Milovice soviet pupils

Red Army clothing

The National fashion could also have some inspiration on the Soviet Union's Red Army uniform, because it consists of a blue shirt, pants with several pockets and any type of hamlet being used.

Another possible origin, inspiration-wise, of the skull and crossbones was the German Freikorps just after World War I, who used it as their symbol in their fight against left-wing communist agitators.

A third possible origin of the skull & crossbones motif is the Totenkopf, or death's head, used by some sections of the infamous German SS from World War II, although this skull and crossbones motif is notably different in design from that employed by the National Army.

The National Cross, except for the fact it is 45 degrees on its side, is much like the Iron Cross (or Balkenkreuz in German) which was used by the Germans throughout World War I and II and is still used in modified form today. As an interesting note, when the National Socialist party in Germany adopted the Swastika as their symbol, they turned it on its side.

The National Cross also resembles the "Double Cross" from Charlie Chaplin's film, the Great Dictator, which features two crosses much like the National one stacked on top of each other.


History National Homeland

National Homeland

  • As presumed the National homeland appears to be located in Germany, Poland and Austria as seen in the scientist trailer.
  • It is currently unknown which leader the Nationals have, since the Royal Army have a 'Royal King' as their leader. However,it is hinted during the Winter Armistice that a "Grand Duke" could be, but this is uncertain....
  • The National anthem is "Soldarten Des Vaterland" from the album Roads to War by Ron Goodwin.[1]
  • The Nationals appear to have a German way to talk, as they also write as 'Kontroversy' and 'Ze Nationalz'


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