The Battlefield Heroes Community is not without its moderators. Moderators are the authority that looks over particular board in the forums. Moderators help clean up the forums, encouraging users to stick to the forum rules. If these rules are broken, the user is left with a warning, a ban or a suitable reprimanding.

Moderators can be easily distinguished by the unique colour of the border of their posts. The colour associated with Moderators is Green.

It must be noted that Green moderators are not official EA/EAsy representatives. Green Moderators are a select few chosen by the Community Team to assist in moderating the forums. Green Moderators are volunteers of whom are deeply involved in the community.


  • Edit threads
  • Manipulate polls
  • Hide/reveal posts
  • Close/open threads
  • Hide/reveal threads
  • Ban/unban you from the forum
  • View reported topics list
  • View the moderator forum section
  • Change your signature

No goes:

  • Bypass the forum rules
  • Enforce rules not accepted by the Community Team
  • Ban whole EA accounts
  • Influence the EA politics and management
    They are not EA/EAsy representatives!

Moderators in ChargeEdit

Title Username Favorite Forum District
The Spytastic QQ CrySpy Various
The Unknown M1k3ol General Chat, Tutorials, Guides and Strategies
The Designer Pytt Media, Players Helping Players, Various
Cpt. Yum Yum Bara Deutsch (German) Forum
The Duck Hunter HELICOPTER_AMBO General Chat, Various
Bert Petze Deutsch (German)Forum
The Dark Nerd Cyruss Deutsch (German) Forum
GDude Various
The Auto-Admin Pedro Rental Servers and such
Mr. Addicted Max Various, including Deutsch (German) Forum
Avarik Maximilian Various
xHbIk Various, including Русский (Russian) Forum
MEDIC_ru Various, including Русский (Russian) Forum
aka ShadeShooter Salvenius. Various
83Barbarian Various, including Deutsch (German) Forum
ironsiolder123 Technical Support, Various
AI7zeny Arabic Forum
ARTrey Various, including Русский (Russian) Forum
LORD!$ Arabic Forum
{EQ}KaBoooS Arabic Forum
Pitkins Various


Ex-Moderators are moderators that are discontinued for reasons such as in-actvity.