Midnight Mayhem (MM) is the 7th map released and the first map that isn't of the Conquest type, but rather a King of the Hill game called "V2 Vengeance".


The map's layout is simple: two spawns, and a rocket that they can capture, and in design, the map is quite simple. It's also the first map to have the spawns in what is similar effect to dead space around the map, only it applies solely to members of the opposing team.

The new map also has a new feature: the outer boundaries of the map are dependant on the faction the player is. If you're a royal or national, you can't go beyond the red line on the map (default M). The red line is in different places depending on the player's faction and is used to prevent spawn camping

Game modesEdit

V2 VengeanceEdit

MM Overview

Check out this tactical map to give a quick reference to the general area of the rocket, where you were last, or where everyone should be next.

The map has a five-minute timer, as opposed to the game of the Conquest type, meaning you have to run your team's timer out by capturing and holding the rocket, which is neutral at start and for about thirty seconds afterwards. At the 4:30 mark, to which point both teams have had their timers run down at the same time, the rocket can be captured and held by either team until the end of the game, causing the game to fluctuate between one team being the defender and the other being the attacker; games can last much longer than the timers imply, lasting, at most, eight minutes and fifty-nine seconds after the rocket becomes available to capture (one team will have at least one second left on the clock).

Games are often decided by which team can secure the rocket first, forcing the opposing team to stay inside the area they spawn in, sometimes making it impossible for the losing team to come back.


Midnight Mayhem Morning

Morning Mayhem has no flags or rocket.

The 23rd July 2012 the daylight conversion called Morning Mayhem was implemented along a new Conquest version without any flags. So each kill will make the enemy lose exactly one ticket. 

Notable SpotsEdit


In the Midnight Mayhem,there is a rocket on "Capture the flag" mode. However,in the Morning Mayhem, the stage lacks the Rocket.

Simple. You just hide behind the rocket and defend and attack at the same time. Major downside is that only 1 side of your body is covered, 3/4 parts are not. In addition, snipers can easily shoot at your feet between the Rocket.

Spawn LedgesEdit

There is one for each side. These spots can see over the entire map and specifically gives a good sighting of the Rocket. There is plenty of cover for a player. There isn't much of a downside.

Church RuinsEdit

Church Ruins is a really good place for the Gunners and Soldiers to fight,but also an advantaging spot for the snipers to spot their pray.


They offer good cover from shots, but can be cleared easily by explosives like Grenade Spam or Explosive Keg. Not the best spot as a Commando to hide, because you get easily involved with the fights of your teammates. The walls are also good for using bandages and tonics.

Wall OpeningsEdit

On each team, there is a main wall that can be no-man's land for the other team. If you hide behind this wall, you can be pretty well protected. On both factions, the walls have little openings. Use these openings to fire from a safe distance at enemies heading towards the Rocket or to you. The spots give cover to almost your entire body, except your head. The downside is if a sniper sees you, he can really hurt you badly or even kill you.

  • Soldiers can hide behind the walls to use Grenades, Grenade Spam and the Grenade Launcher to kill enemies who are capping the rocket. Soldiers can also act as an aid by healing other Soldiers or Snipers.
  • While Commandos are not usually in this place, one can use the walls height to it's advantage when Healing or Reloading. This is especially usefull to Commandos with Sniper Rifles as they can safely retreat after assassinating their targets.
  • Gunner can use it's RPG to attack the missle.



  • During its term on the PTE, Midnight Mayhem had the codename "ruins" and later, "Missile Madness", making it the most unnoticeable name change between the test and release versions. For comparison, Riverside Rush was codenamed "HEAT".
  • The rocket in the centre of the map is a V2 (A4) missile, the successor to the German V1 flying bomb and the first ever 'cruise missile.'
  • There are 4 smileys hidden on the church ruins.
  • Hitler did nothing wrong


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