Roadblock point in Victory Village

Released MapsEdit

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Seaside SkirmishEdit


The Lighthouse on Seaside Skirmish Night

This vehicle map features six basic areas. The Royal and National backbases, farm, hillside-farm, village and the high grounded lighthouse as tutorial starting point. In between farm and bases, a large open terrain with the small town in the center of it can be found. The town, can be recognized by the large Lighthouse.

Seaside Skirmish is disliked by many people. There are many 'Anti Seaside Skirmish' groups found on the Battlefield Heroes Official Forums. The most annoying factor of the map would be the large open area, and the fact Snipers can snipe the entire village. Another thing which annoys a lot of people is the amount of so called 'tank noobs', who basically rule the open areas.

Buccaneer BayEdit

A vehicle map featuring a wrecked pirate ship in the middle of a beach overlooked by a small town. This map has many rocky, hard-to-reach cliffs which are ideal for snipers who favor camping. The battles mostly take place at the shipwreck due to the somewhat spacious area surrounding it.

Victory VillageEdit

The first infantry-only map introduced into Battlefield Heroes, Victory Village features a church tower which can be accessed by a ladder at the back of the church. Although the church roof and tower has a good view it lacks the essential quality of being quiet and out of the way. There are a lot of homes and other structures making this map a good fun urban map. There will always be a struggle to capture the Roadblock.

Coastal ClashEdit

The second infantry-only map released, Coastal Clash features a large Windmill, and two centre points which are rushed at the start of every game. A bridge is also a key factor to this map.

Riverside RushEdit

Although it is the third infantry-only map, it is the first map with the distinction of not having any Jeeps. Riverside Rush has two empty canals which run the length of the map. In addition to this, Riverside Rush does not have a clear signature object. Riverside Rush has canals and Town-like settings. It was known in PTE under the codename "hOLOCAUST,"

Sunset ShowdownEdit

A map that was released on December 17th, 2009, the final day of the infamous Winter Armistice (that was predicted by many). This map features more vehicles than any of the other maps, only 3 capture points instead of the traditional 4, and it's signature feature is the church tower (Similar to the one in Victory Village) that stands in the center of the map. It is also a good sniping point, so there will always be a struggle to capture the center flag, as it is relatively close to the other 2 capture points. It was known in PTE as "Mayhem."

Midnight MayhemEdit

An infantry-only map which can be played in V2 Vengeance mode. It was released on April 18th, 2010. V2 Vengence mode is similar to the King of the Hill mode in other games. The map is timed with a 5:00 Timer for both teams. Whoever can keep the Rocket captured longer, the timer will eventually go to zero, ending the game.

Alpine AssaultEdit

Originally known in the PTE as "Woodlands", this is the first ever to have tanks but not planes. It has four capture points and follows the standard 'Conquest' game-type. It takes place in a dense pine forest or plantation and a saw-mill.It has two points roughly around the same position on the map which are normally hotly contested.

Wicked WakeEdit

It's a converted map from older Battlefield games and orientates on Wake Island. The rushing sea and palm trees create an unique holiday flair, not holding Royals and Nationals off capturing the airfield.

Perilous PortEdit

Originally called "Royal Rumble" in the PTE, the map was released in October 2011 as a halloween-themed infantry map. It has only 3 capture points and takes place in a harbor (or "port"). Perilous Port is the only map wich features Halloween props during halloween period.

Lunar LandingEdit

Set on the moon, Lunar Landing takes place in a messy landing zone of National and Royal spacecraft. This is the first map to feature alternative gravity, with increased jump height and slowed fallspeed. There is neither fall damage nor parachutes. This is also the only map lacking water.

Fortress FrenzyEdit

A map set in the mountains with a medieval theme, featuring a castle next to a small town. The whole area is on a sepearate island within a river and can be accessed by three bridges per faction side. That location is the origin of the earlier codename "River". It, like Sunset Showdown and Perilous Port, only has 3 capture points.

Inland InvasionEdit

This map is unique, in both style, vehicles and system of playing. At first, Royals have 100 tickets, while Nationals only 75. Also, at start of round, Nationals have every flag captured, while Royals must capture them. Royals, can also ride boats, wich is making them only faction-specific vehicle in game. Royals must capture first two points, in order to unlock next, and then capture the unlocked flag, to unlock other and so on, and so on. After capturing all flags, Nationals cannot respawn, so Royals must kill all Nationals, before they will lose tickets. Locked flag, is indicated by Padlock. This map is also the only map with all vehicles in-game. It was added in 17th of September, along with Veteran Heroes bundles. There is now a midnight version where the roles are reversed with nationals attacking and royals defending. Battle Field Heroes will and always be remembered as a child hood game to all. R.I.P Battle Field Heroes. Sadly Club Penguins stayed and the took away Battle Field Heroes, its all Club Penguins fault. Hopefully are childhood game Battle Field Heroes will return.

Unreleased MapsEdit


A very unfinished map which appeared in the PTE files in spring 2010 along side Lowlands. Later it was stated to be dropped in favor of improving Lowlands. Alongside with Lowlands this map was merged together to create Alpine Assault.


Another unfinished map, featuring a small city with windmill and a train station, the trademark part of map. Un-textured model of two Gunners could be found near windmill. Alongside with Fork this map was merged together to create Alpine Assault.

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