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Popgunpigeon MG1

A Royal Gunner with a Machine Gun

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Although powerful at close range and medium, the machine gun lacks accuracy and stopping power in ranged engagements. It has a high rate of fire and a large magazine which make it lethal in its chosen field of excellence. The machine gun can only be equipped by Gunners.

The Cheeser / The Backscratcher

Icon Short 3036.png 3035.png The Cheeser
The Backscratcher
Icon Short 3020.png 3022.png The Super Cheeser
The Uber Backscratcher

These are the most commonly used variants of Machine Guns. They have a high-rate of fire and can deal good damage at their intended range: very close/right next to the enemy.

Tier 1 Elite M249 / Specialist's Tier 1 PKM

Icon Short 3150.png 3151.png Tier 1 Elite M249
Specialist's Tier 1 PKM

Reskins of the Super Cheeser and the Uber Backscratcher. Much more expensive, but has a better look if you don't like the Super/Uber machine gun designs.

Max's Magnified MG / Dylan's Destructive Duplex

Icon Short 3221.png 3220.png Max's Magnified MG
Dylan's Destructive Duplex

A short range machine gun, it is capable of shooting a burst of 3 miniature grenades that are the size of small fireworks at an enemy by pressing the secondary fire button (Right Click). These miniature grenades are capable of damaging tanks, planes and infantry with great effectiveness, and deal a lot of damage. (20-30s and even 40s) This weapon, however, is handicapped with a lower than usual ammo count for a light machine gun, sporting 100 rounds as a trade off for the secondary fire. It also deals significantly less damage than a normal short range MG, so if you want to have a chance at doing well with this instead of a normal short range MG, a decent level of Frenzy Fire (3+) is recommended.

There is a recharge time of about 3 seconds before you can fire the grenades again.

Shooting at vehicles or at walls with the grenade launcher will cause the explosives to stick.

Maxwell's Machinegun / Rudi's Ridiculous

Icon Moderate 3003.png 3004.png Maxwell's Machinegun
Rudi's Ridiculous
Icon Moderate 3021.png 3017.png Maxwell's Super Machinegun
Rudi's Uber Ridiculous

This is the standard variant of Machine Gun the player begins with. They provide reasonable damage over all ranges, with a moderate rate of fire and damage per bullet. Players can hold their ground using this gun, while also being able to mow down retreating targets.

Scoped Arctic M249 / Scoped Arctic PKM

Icon Moderate 3194.png 3191.png Scoped Arctic M249
Scoped Arctic PKM

Reskins of the moderate range machine guns, however, has a zoom-in alternate fire to get a better view of your targets.

Omega Beamer / Eraser Ray

Icon Moderate 3217.png 3240.png Omega Beamer
Eraser Ray

A high rate of fire LMG with the ability to employ a short beam of focused energy to fend off anyone who dares come close. These weapons have very high accuracy, and fire slightly faster than the short range Machine Guns. They are best at moderate range, but are seen as overpowered weapons when used with a high level of Frenzy fire, as gunners using them with this ability are very hard to beat due to the high healing rate,

The Anchor Drop / The Landmaker

Icon Moderate 3289.png 3290.png The Anchor Drop
The Landmaker

Reskins of the moderate range Super/Uber machine guns, but have added recoil that must be controlled during fights, BUT also adds a higher critical hit chance to the weapon.

Bernie's Bone Chewer / Wolfgang's Wonderful

Icon Long 3046.png 3045.png Bernie's Bone Chewer
Wolfgang's Wonderful
Icon Long 3161.png 3166.png Bernie's Dapper Bone Chewer
Wolfgang's Stylish Wonderful
Icon Long 3177.png 3176.png Bernie's Super Bone Chewer
Wolfgang's Uber Wonderful

Long range machine guns deal large amounts of damage over medium and long ranges. They have a capacity of 120 rounds, and fire slower than the other machine guns.

M249 / PKM

Icon Long 3038.png 3043.png M249

Reskins of the long range machine guns. More expensive, but if you want to spice up your hero's look, or if you don't like how the Supers/Ubers look, these are definitely an option.

Brass-Bender's Battle Arm / Destroyer Drones Demolisher

Icon Long Icon Short 3341.png 3340.png Brass-Bender's Battle Arm
Destroyer Drones Demolisher

A unique type of MG for gunners. Replacing the forearms of the gunners using them, these MGs are unique for the fact that they have two firing modes. The primary fire mode resembles the LR Machine Guns, firing slowly and best at long range, while the secondary fire is completely new, firing bullets at a blazing rate that is even faster than the short range MGs. However, these MGs deal significantly less damage per bullet when comparing it's primary fire to the long range MGs, and it's secondary fire to the short range MGs. This weapon provides a good challenge to use for those looking for something new or different, but they are not recommended for higher-level use, as they are easily beaten by other MGs.

Royal Repeater / National No-End Crossbow

Icon Long 3262.png 3261.png Royal Repeater
National No-End Crossbow

Reskins of the Long Range Machine Guns. Can be useful when ambushing enemies due to its quiet firing sound, and it may take enemies a second to find where you are shooting from because of it.

Underworld Relic / Cryptic Hex

Icon Long 3301.png 3303.png Underworld Relic
Cryptic Hex

They have only 60 ammo, less than Bernies Bonechewer / Wolfgangs Wonderful and even Alternate fire MG's, but a bigger damage output due to shooting two bullets at once. This balances the weapon to shoot exactly 120 Bullets.

Additional to that, the weapons have a bullet drop which is quite similar to the Commando's bows' and unique crosshair.


  • Despite the large difference in power between the Uber/Super machineguns and the normal machineguns, when Frenzy Fire is activated, the two different machine guns have very similar output results. This discovery has led many gunners to not buying the Uber/Super machine guns.
  • Winter Machine Guns alongside with their SMG Counterparts were first supposed to be Long Range reskins, but after negative feedback from PTE, they were changed to Mid-Range.
  • Laser Machine Guns, (Omega Beamer and Eraser Ray), currently hold the title of the most frowned upon weapon in the community. Servers are starting to ban this weapon due to their extremely high rate of fire, ridiculous accuracy, and extreme healing rate with Frenzy Fire.

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