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Mando with Stylish Knife

A National Commando with Konrad's "Stylish" Knife

Commando BannerThe knife is a close range weapon used for melee combat.

Royal Knife / Konrad's KnifeEdit

Icon Close 3001.png 3002.png Royal Knife
Konrad's Knife
Icon Close 3172.png 3173.png Royal's Dapper Knife
Konrad's Stylish Knife
Icon Close 3186.png 3187.png Royal Super Knife
Konrad's Uber Knife

Fast and hurting, these can create a havoc in battlefield. They are fast and have decent damage, but disabled crtitical hits. Uber/Super knife, have retrived crtical hit chance, well as bigger damage, but they are slower. Royal knife/Konrad's Knife is the knife you start equiped with.

Madman's Machete / Maimer's MacheteEdit

Icon Close 3204.png 3203.png Madman's Machete
Maimer's Machete
Icon Close 3206.png 3205.png Madman's Golden Machete
Maimer's Golden Machete

Machete's have splash damage, well as litlle slower swings. Also, Enemy needs to be pointed with crosshair, in order to deal damage. Exclusive golden versions were obtainible by getting 700 kills, in event of Halloween 2011.

Sensei's Striking Edge / Satoru's Cold SteelEdit

Icon Close 3214.png 3215.png Sensei's Striking Edge
Satoru's Cold Steel

Slow, and dealing a small damage, unless the target is 1 meter before you. But, deals damage on 5 meters, proving that, they have longer range, and possibly, can hit two enemies at once. Well, these are not used amd disliked by community.

Stellar Strike / Orbital PunchEdit

Icon Close 3242.png 3207.png Stellar Strike
Orbital Punch

A deadly space engineer melee weapon. Stats identical to Super/Uber Knives.

Ice / Lion's ToothEdit

Icon Close 3259.png 3260.png Ice
Lion's Tooth

Stats identical to Sensei's Striking Edge / Satoru's Cold Steel.

Knuckleduster Dagger / Dirk's DiggerEdit

Icon Close 3291.png 3292.png Knuckleduster Dagger
Dirk's Digger

Silent, and deadly reskins of Uber Knives. Note that Dirk's Digger is bugged.

Models & SoundsEdit

  • The Royal and National standard knives use the same model which seems to be a generic sheathed knife such as a Buck 119 knife.
  • The Royals' Super Knife is based on the United States Marine Corps USN Fighting Knife Mark II, later trademarked under the name KA-BAR.
  • The Nationals' Uber Knife appears to be based on the Hitler Youth Knife, which were issued to boys who joined the para-military Nazi youth organization of the same name.


Close quarters melee weapon for those silent moments.

The knife is the game's only melee weapon. For a short while, Nikolai's Nocturnal and Grim's Varg sets had an attached melee ability, but it did only light damage and couldn't deal critical hits. It made for very amusing Melee-only fights in the PTE though, where it was readily available to everyone for a few VP.

Incidentally, many people consider the Nationals to have more knifers than the Royals do. Perhaps the smaller frame is harder to spot when you're not stealthed.