The fastest way to get from A to B after planes is by using a jeep. They are located at almost every spawn point in Battlefield Heroes, and is the most numerous vehicle in the game.

Jeeps are the light vehicles used by both Royals and Nationals to get around the map quickly. Although they are generally faster then tanks and can carry three people, jeeps have very little armor and can easily be dispatched by a single tank shot or a plane on a strafing run.

The National jeep is widely regarded as the better of the two because it is much more stable and its bigger bumper makes it much easier to score roadkills. It's also harder for a sniping commando to kill the driver of a national jeep than a royal jeep because there's more of the jeep protecting the driver of the national jeep (mainly the windshield) than there is for the royal jeep (which has no windshield and little protecting the driver.). In addition, the Royal jeeps are notoriously unstable and ridiculously easy to flip. The only real downside to the national jeep is that its acceleration is poor on more bumpy terrain.


  • Use the jeep to get on spots which you cannot reach on foot for example the mountain ledge in Coastal Clash.
  • Using the new Ramming Jeep Widget, one is capable of destroying a Tank (at Full Health) by smashing into a tank, bumper first.
  • A good way to secure passage through the map without being hassled by the legions of tanks pitted against you is to have a Soldier ride shotgun with high level Blasting Strike. This works both ways so avoid large groups of soldiers as being hit by Blasting Strike will take away your momentum and leave you easy prey for the Sub-Machine Guns of your enemy.
  • Cars are very handy for roadkills. Owing to it's speed jeeps can easily kill infantry, but due to their width, infantry can sidestep the jeep.
  • Players can use the cars as cover when defending positions or attacking groups of enemies.