Jeep Traps are used by some Commandos, who either place Troop Traps on a jeep directly, or place it on the side. The former tactic is just placing traps on jeeps, and when the jeep is about to be used by an enemy, the traps all detonate. They die from either the explosion or the jeep exploding. The latter is placing the jeep at an angle where a foe will pass by, and if they do, the trap is shot by the Commando who set it, and the jeep will smash them, thus instantly killing them. The Tank Trap is accomplished by simply placing a few traps under a tank, and when a foe enters it, the traps all explode. The enemy dies from the tank expoding. This, however, can backfire, because it takes a fairly large amount of Troop Traps, which are often better used elsewhere such as on a flag, to destroy a single tank.

Curve TrapsEdit

This special trap is done by placing the Troop Trap on the ceiling of a building. When an enemy goes under it, the trap will detonate, they will be flung from the force of the explosion, which would result in them being killed from hitting a wall. A place to lay such a trap would be the building leading to the Toll House from the Market on Riverside Rush, or one of the many alleyways about Victory Village.