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Ingame Store

Press O and waist your Funds.

Killcam Advertisments

Small purchase motivation text at bottom: e.g. You're running out of tonics, buy more to turn the tables in a close fight.

Killcam Advertisments 2

Big fat, disruptive screen....


  • Too little options for slot configuration.
  • Disruptive text and/or image advertisment during the killcam.
  • Little security for accidently done purchases on lag incident or unlucky mouse clicks.
  • The long loading times refused to tick the "Don't show again during this session" in some cases.
  • The removal option in general was too close to the purchase button and resulted in a pop-up of the general shop.


The reason why I asked it to be removed?
  • It was really disruptive for players
  • Screen does not look good so does not help sales no matter what
  • Too many communication channels to promote new items
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