First released during Heroes Of The Fall, Hot Deals are special offers for store items which can be from multiple Items (called Bundles) like Widgets, Emotes, Clothes, Weapons or a mixture of each. They are usually cheaper than buying individually and this store section also contain special "gamble" packages called "drops" which can provide the buyer with an item randomly picked according to the package selected, sometimes also containing rare items not available anywhere else in the game (with some exceptions, like Pet items which were available through other offers in the past).

Note: This is only a collection of the most important deals, some may currently not be available!

Hot Deals

Supply Drops & ItemsEdit

  • National Commando Supply Drop
  • National Gunner Supply Drop
  • National Soldier Supply Drop
  • Royal Commando Supply Drop
  • Royal Gunner Supply Drop
  • Royal Soldier Supply Drop
  • XP/VP Boost Bundle


  • Commando Super Weapon Pack
  • Commando Uber Weapon Pack
  • Gunner Super Weapon Pack
  • Gunner Uber Weapon Pack
  • Soldier Super Weapon Pack
  • Soldier Uber Weapon Pack


  • Classic Royal Emote Bundle
  • Classic National Emote Bundle
  • New Royal Emote Bundle
  • New National Emote Bundle
  • New Royal Emote Bundle (Music Emotes)
  • New National Emote Bundle (Music Emotes)

Deal of the DayEdit

These offers durate 24 hours only from 10:00 till 10:00 the next day and are found on the frontpage within the grey DotD widget located on the right side. They contain rare and common items with a discount. In many cases the offer consists of a full bundle giving the hero a well reviewed look in a certain theme like mime, baseball player, secret police and many more.