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Helicopters were introduced along with the Steampunk Heroes.[1] The update also included a pocket version of the helicopters, which costs 599 for one day's use and 4999 for permanant usage. It is an unlimited use widget with a 1 minute 30 second cool down between uses.

Battlefield Heroes - Helicopters have landed

Battlefield Heroes - Helicopters have landed

Helicopters trailer


  • A permanent widget compared to the Pockets Jeep and Tank.
  • Fast firing machine gun poses a serious threat to distracted players or vehicles.
  • Supreme Wrench fixes the Helicopter in a faster time than in other vehicles, great for a quick recovery before going back into a fight.
  • Can seat 2 other players on the side like the plane for extra firepower.


  • Due to its slow flying speed, it can practically be shot down by any player or vehicle except Jeep and Boat depending on the accuracy.
  • Weak armor of the Helicopter means it cannot sustain itself should it get into a heavy prolonged firefight or shootout.
  • The National helicopter's cockpit is less protected from shots to the rear part compared to the Royal's, due to the rear metal shield is more narrow on the national helicopter.
  • The royal helicopter's sealed cockpit is only a cosmetic feature. 
  • Somewhat difficult commands to the Helicopter.


Battlefield Heroes - A leap in technology

Battlefield Heroes - A leap in technology

Helicopters teaser

  • Prior to it's release, a teaser was published on Battlefield Heroes Youtube channel.
  • The helicopters also appeared on the background giants.
  • The National helicopter is based on the Flettner Fl 282.
  • The Royal helicopter is based on the Sikorsky R-4.
  • The Helicopters were ideas created in the WWII items contest, the FI 282 and the R-4's original idea and concept artwork was done by player Czruno.
  • Due to a glitch at time of posting, the helicopters will occassionally give out Road Kills and Tank Smashes after machine gun kills which do not involve any physical contact between the helicopter and the player.
  • Much more like Boat, Helicopters have not any Heroic Moments assigned to it (except if you count wingman) , nor can do any except bug above.


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