Darkness is creeping upon us and the time portals of evil are opening. Cult members of all factions are now gathering to pay tribute to their idols. The deity’s Kthalhu and Yag-Soguth both have worshipers among the Royal and National Heroes. Will this Halloween be their chance to rise and conquer this world?

A bunch of Heroes from the National Army have joined the Yag-Soguth Cult and are hoping for destruction upon the Royals. While some Heroes from the Royal Army have joined the Kthalhu Cult and are looking for the answers that can save them from destruction.

Will you join these Heroes in praying for salvation?

New setsEdit

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Kthalhu Cult Leader Set Yag-Soguth Cult Leader Set
Halloween2014_setsInStore_hotdeals_roy_en.jpg Halloween2014_setsInStore_hotdeals_nat_en.jpg

War RoomEdit

A new set of medals was released on the 6th round of War Room's 3rd season on 6th of October. Each medal represents the main symbol of each cult.

Image Name Slot
10546.png Cultist Medal Accessory
Image Name Slot
10545.png Cultist Medal Accessory

Top Up GiftsEdit

16 500 Funds Green Witch Mask Grey Witch Mask
TopUpIcon-witchMask_roy.png TopUpIcon-witchMask_nat.png
22 000 Funds Grin of the Dead Smile of the Dead
topUpIcon-dayofthedeadRoy.png topUpIcon-dayofthedeadNat.png
50 000 Funds Mr. Smile's Hair
Mr. Smile's Makeup
Mr. Happy's Hair
Mr. Happy's Makeup
top-up-clownface_roy.png top-up-clownface_nat.png


Countdown to HalloweenEdit

Classic horror at its best. If you missed your chance the last years or are new to BF:Heroes, you will get a huge selection for your wardrobe.

Zed's Dead Set Screamin Skeleton Set
Countdown-to-Halloween-Zombie-hotdeal_en.jpg Countdown-to-Halloween-hotdeal_skel_en.jpg
Grim's Varg Set Nicolai's Nocturnal Set
Halloween-Werewolf-Vampire-hotdeals-roy_en.jpg Halloween-Werewolf-Vampire-hotdeals-nat_en.jpg
Slave Mummy's set Anubis' Servant Set
Countdown-to-Halloween-Mummy-hotdeal_en.jpg Countdown-to-Halloween-Anubis-hotdeal_en.jpg
Pharaoh Mummy's Sarcophagus Anubis' God Sarcophagus
the-heroes-of-halloween-hot-deal-supply-drop-national_en.jpg the-heroes-of-halloween-hot-deal-supply-drop-royal_en.jpg
Ichabod's Twisted Set Reaper's Skeletal Set
autumnRampUp_ichabod_hotdeals_en.jpg autumnRampUp_reapersSkeletal_hotdeals_en.jpg
Torgoth's Torment Set Valac's Wicked Set
autumnRampUp_torgoth_hotdeals_en.jpg autumnRampUp_Valac_hotdeals_en.jpg
National Underworld Portal Royal Underworld Portal
Halloween-underworld-portal-hot-deals-nat_en.jpg Halloween-underworld-portal-hot-deals-roy_en.jpg
Screamin Skeleton Set Mr.Rag's Weathered Set
Clown_hotdeals_en.jpg scarecrow_hotdeals_en.jpg