"Stands in the open firing his gun, taking the bullets but he never runs. After death, he comes back with his gun, this time, firing with fun." ~Battlefield heroes new trailer


The Gunner, as a class, is orientated towards anti-tank and support fire. Despite being the slowest class, gunners pack a punch, having the most powerful weaponry at short ranges and the largest amount of health of all three classes. Although good against infantry and vehicles at short-to-medium ranges, gunners lose a lot of ground in longer-range combat against both soldiers and commandos. Frenzy Fire does somewhat remedy this problem by increasing the accuracy of the gunner's MG and providing slight healing. Gunners, like soldiers, are also able to buy and wield shotguns. The weapons unique to the gunner are RPGs and machine guns. After the Riverside Rush update, new gunner improvements included the aforementioned healing properties of Frenzy Fire, the ability to share the Hero Shield with nearby allies, and the the ability to slow down enemies with the explosive keg.

The Gunner seems to be the most popular of the three classes due to his high damage, high health, hero shield, and fast movement speed using the Leg It ability.


Ability Image Description
Leg It 2091.png Makes you and nearby allies run faster. A very versatile ability. Good for quickly clearing long distances or running from an enemy with a short-range weapon. The higher the level, the longer it lasts and the faster it recharges.
Explosive Keg 2046.png
Throw a barrel at the enemy that explodes when shot or after a few seconds untouched. Damages and slows down any enemies caught in the explosion. Good against groups of enemies. The higher the level, the more damage per keg, and the faster it recharges.
Frenzy Fire 2055.png
Increase your MG accuracy to focus fire on a single target while healing yourself a % of your total HP for every 4th hit. The higher the level, the higher the accuracy and critical hit bonuses, and the larger the percentage of your health it heals. Also recharges faster.
Hero Shield 2026.png A shield that absorbs a limited amount damage for a limited time. Can be shared with teammates. The higher the level, the more damage it can absorb, and the faster it recharges.
I Eats Grenades 2031.png
Absorbs multiple explosives: Grenade, TNT, Troop Trap, Explosive Keg, Tank Buster, Tank shells, or even Plane bullets, and turn it into health for you. Each explosive "eaten" will heal a % of your total health. The higher the level, the larger the radius, and the more health it heals.

Note: IEG only absorbs splash damage from plane bullets. Direct hits from plane bullets to the player will not be absorbed, and deal full damage.


Weapons Image Description
Machine Guns 3003.png
Deadly, high fire rate weapons with low accuracy, but a large clip.
Shotguns 3009.png
Good at close to medium range with varying firing speeds. Deals excellent damage in their intended range but damage quickly drops out of the sweet range.
Rocket Launchers 3007.png
Anti-vehicle weapons which shoot rocket projectiles. Deals high to moderate damage to vehicles, and low damage to infantry.
Sticky TNT 3155.png
Standard explosive, every hero of any class has this weapon. Deals high damage to enemy vehicles and sticks on them when thrown.


Tank BusterEdit

With the highest base health at 150, the damage-absorbing and counter-healing effects of I Eats Grenades, as well as being the only class with Rocket Launchers, the Gunner is the go-to class for Anti-Vehicle Warfare. Tank Busters are, as their name would simply, a Gunner who prioritizes taking out enemy vehicles (Tanks in particular) over other priorities, such as engaging foes or capturing flags. A Tank Buster will almost always carry some variation of Rocket Launcher into battle, along with 'I Eats Grenades' as his primary Ability. Hero Shield can work in place of I Eats Grenades, but it's considered less-than-ideal to use it for Tank-Busting.

'I Eats Grenades' will work on Tank shells, effectively stumping a Tank's primary means of attack; so long as the Gunner cannot be flattened with the effect active, he has very little to fear. However, the driver may leap out of the Tank to take a Gunner down with more conventional weapons.

While Tank Busters can (and indeed, do) use Sticky TNT, the preferred weapon is the RPG, as Gunners are the only class capable of wielding them, and allows them to engage enemy vehicles from a much safer distance. Also, if the gunner is camouflaged, the tank won't know where it is being attacked from.

  • Hiding behind a line of Czech Hedgehogs[1] (the large, steel caltrop-like fortifications) or Dragon's Teeth[2] (Cement pylons) ensures Tanks cannot flatten a Gunner, while affording the Gunner ample room to fire back with their RPG.


  • It was originally believed that the Gunner was comparable to a mix of two separate games' classes; from Heroes' own series, the Assault and Anti-tank classes, and from Valve's Team Fortress 2, as a mix of the Soldier (who is armed with a rocket launcher) and the Heavy (who is armed with a minigun), with both classes using a Shotgun side arm and having the highest amounts of health in their own game (the Heavy has 300, the Soldier has 200), also giving them both a role in common with the Gunner: Meat Shield.
  • Also it was guessed, that the Gunner is based on the Rambo character in Sylvester Stallone's "First Blood".



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