Royal grenade

A Royal Soldier throwing Bill's Bomb

Grenades are an explosive that can only be used by Soldiers. It can be equipped in the explosives tab. When fired, a single grenade is thrown in a low arc which can be adjusted by aiming up or down. Generally, it can be thown further by aiming high and jumping. Not to be confused with the Grenade Spam ability, as the Grenade does not have a large blast radius and is more suited for precision strikes.

Bill's Bomb / Steel Hand GrenadeEdit

3157.png 3158.png Bill's Bomb
Steel Hand Grenade

They can be thrown at medium distance, but the explosion radius is very low. Try to place them as close to the enemy as possible. These weapons blow up after a short amount of time, so if you throw them really high, because you are trying to make it go very far, it will blow up in mid air.

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Monster GrenadesEdit

3354.png 3355.png Benny's Beehive
Schroedinger's Nightmare