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Latest anti-infantry explosive, availible to all classes and similar to Grenade Spam. The long explosion delay requires a tactical use, less in a direct confrontation but ideal to spam the battlefield. Also useful when battling tanks but note it doesn't deal large amounts of damage so cover and protection from tank shells is essential.

It is also noted that this weapon has a large amount of recoil when firing rapidly.


Can be used from close range until half-long range. The spread is really high, so accurate shots are impossible over 15 metres. The six grenades can cover a moderate area, harmfull to infantry but easy to counter with tanks.


There's just one version for each faction, so beside the online shop reskins there's no other Grenade Launcher with different behaviour or stats with the exception of the Amazon grenade launchers as they fire grenades that bounce off of surfaces. To fit in the classic sheme there would have to be an old style and weakened version, which is very unrealistic to be created in the future.

Grenade Launchers
Skin Weapon Description Pilfered
Punk 3195.png M32 MGL No
3198.png MGL 140 No
Amazon (Link) 3234.png Amazon M32 MGL No
3230.png Amazon MGL 140 No
GameFly 3235.png GameFly M32 MGL No
3231.png GameFly MGL 140 No
GamersGate (Link) 3236.png GamersGate M32 MGL No
3232.png GamersGate MGL 140 No
Gamestop 3237.png Gamestop M32 MGL No
3233.png Gamestop MGL 140 No


Range (Tier)
Stats Medium (1)
Rounds/min 180
Ammo 6
Reload 4
Velocity 40
Deviation 0.15
Recoil Up 0.8/1.5/0
Recoil L/R* -0.45/0.45/0
Impact Damage 0
Explosion (less for Vehicle)
Radius 5
Trigger Radius 1
Damage 15
Force 11
Crit. Chance 0.1
Crit. Splash 5

* Recoil Left/Right


  1. Use it to blow camping Commandos out of their spot.
  2. Spread them randomly around the area to detect stealthed Commandos.
  3. Drop them behind you to abuse them as a short time Troop Trap to annoy Leg It Gunners or stalking Commandos.
  4. Use them to get on roofs with Explosive Jumps
  5. Take some teammates who also got the Grenade Launcher and start spamming arriving Tanks with loads of small explosions.
  6. Use to jump extremely high in order to see (and as a commando snipe) across the map
  7. If you are a commando who loves sniping, this weapon is a must against any threats at close range such as knfing commandos and enemy infantry.
  8. Create a ambush for anyone following you by emptying the clip into the ground behind you
  9. Distract and Confuse enemy tanks by peppering them with grenades from rooftops, thus allowing time for teammates to regroup and bring in reinforcements

Models & SoundsEdit

Obviously the royal MGL 140 is based on the real existing launcher with the same name. It's the 778 mm version of a Milkor MGL. The M32 is almost the same weapon with a minor darker skin and provided to the Nationals.


Sometimes when you shoot all the grenades at the same time, one of the grenades has a delay from exploding, and explodes after all the rest. This can mess up the tactic of GL jumping.