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Golden Guns Video

The Golden Weapons were released at the start of June 2010 as part of the Football Fiesta and were essentially reskins of the Bad Company 2 Weapons. The Golden weapons couldn't actually be bought in the stores. But during the Football Fiesta these weapons were instead acquired by guessing the winner of the World Cup and Europe Cup and buying their facepaint in advance.

During Euro 2012 new Golden Guns (which were reskins of some Super and Uber Weapons) were released by guessing the right winner of the Euro 2012 and buying their Jersey in advance.

In the summer of 2013 even more Golden Guns were added from which most of were released as Top Up gifts, and then were put into Premium Store, while the rest is unreleased for unkown reasons.

The Football Fiesta is back and you can get Golden Guns on 2014.These are the Stolen/Pilfered versions of the Gold Guns that were released in 2010.


Icon Pilfered
Description Type Specification
WC 2010
3090.png 3090.png Golden M249 Machine Gun Long Range
Slow Speed
3091.png 3091.png Golden PKM
3094.png 3094.png Golden M16 Sub-Machine Gun Short Range
Fast Speed
3097.png 3097.png Golden AK-74
3092.png 3092.png Golden M95 Sniper Rifle Long Range
Slow Speed
3093.png 3093.png Golden SVD
Euro 2012
3251.png Empty Item Icon Golden Super Cheeser Machine Gun Short Range
Fast Speed
3252.png Empty Item Icon Golden Uber Backscratcher
3254.png Empty Item Icon Golden Super Typewriter Sub-Machine Gun Short Range
Fast Speed
3253.png Empty Item Icon Golden Uber Rescue
3256.png Empty Item Icon Golden Super Popper Sniper Rifle Long Range
Slow Speed
3255.png Empty Item Icon Golden Uber Sharpshooter
Top Up Gift
3257.png Empty Item Icon Golden M32 MGL Grenade Launcher Range
3258.png Empty Item Icon Golden MGL 140
3366.png Empty Item Icon Golden M16-203 Battle Rifle Sub-Machine Gun Moderate Range
Fast Speed
3367.png Empty Item Icon Golden AK74-30 Battle Rifle
3364.png Empty Item Icon Golden Brass Bender's Battle-Arm Machine Gun Long Range
Slow Speed
3365.png Empty Item Icon Golden Destroyer Drone's Demolisher
3362.png Empty Item Icon Golden MkI Bad Boy Sniper Rifle Long Range
Slow Speed
3363.png Empty Item Icon Golden Panzerhunter 39


Gunner with Golden PKM

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  • These weapons are considered by some to be some of the most exclusively rare items one can obtain in the game because they won't be available until the next World Cup or UEFA Euro.
  • These are sometimes considered a Dapper/Stylish version of the BC2 weapons.
  • The Golden Weapons were only available by buying the right facepaint or Jersey corresponding to the country that won the World Cup or UEFA Euro (both won by Spain).