Battlefield Heroes currently features 4 different game modes. Depending on the game mode, different rules and conditions apply as to how a team "wins" the round.

Current Game ModesEdit


The Tutorial is a single player game mode to get in touch with the basic aspects of Battlefield Heroes.

You learn how to move, drive, fly and capture Flags on Seaside Skirmish.


The Conquest game mode also known as Team Deathmatch is the trademark of the Battlefield series, and is available in Battlefield Heroes.

In this game mode, two teams fight it out, starting out with a certain amount of tickets. Every time a player is killed by an enemy player, tickets are reduced from their team's pool. Teams can also capture flags to benefit their team, increasing their chances of winning. The team who runs out of tickets first, loses.

The only map that currently has no capture points is Morning Mayhem, a daytime variant of Midnight Mayhem.

V2 VengeanceEdit

The V2 Vengeance gamemode, also known as "Hero of the Hill" (HotH) works similarly to the common multiplayer game-style "King of the Hill". There are key point(s) in the map where the rocket (V2 Vengeance) is about to be launched. Each team has a timer, reduced as each second passes by when the corresponding team is in control of the rocket. During the Neutral phase, both team's timers will be counting down towards zero, encouraging players to try and reach the rocket before the other team and prevent a Stalemate. The team whose timer reaches 0:00 first, wins, and the rocket launches in a cloud of smoke.

Capture the FlagEdit

Each team has a flag placed on the map, which a player of the opposing team can pick up by walking over it. By taking the enemy flag to his own team's base, his team would score a capture. First team to score three captures wins the round. The enemy flag can't be taken if the own one isn't saved at home. Additionally, a 10minute timer is in place. If it expires, the team with the most flag captures wins, or in the case that both teams had an equal number of captures, it becomes a draw.

Team Elimination Edit

Team Elimination or known in PTE as Last Team Standing is the fourth official gamemode released. The point of this gamemode is to kill the whole enemy team, and the biggest difference is that players cannot respawn during a round. The first team who manages to win three rounds, is declared victory over the whole match. So there could be three to up to five rounds in total. There are neither flags nor backbase protection, so the only objective is to hunt the enemies.

Future gamemodesEdit

Those have either been available to test on the PTE for a short period of time, were indicated in the game files or officially announced but not yet developed.

Crate CaptureEdit

Crate Capture was available to play on Buccaneer Bay. During the round, a crate drop would be spawned in the air, parachuting down to one out of many locations. On each players screen, a message would describe where the crate would land. Players then rushed to said point, cleared it out of enemies and then secured the crate. If no team captured the crate within 3 minutes, the crate would be considered lost. 7 Crates were dropped in total. Once a single team had captured 4 crates, they were declared victorious.