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Game Bugs

Definition of a Software Bug

Several game bugs have been spoted both by the game developers as well as the community, this section will summarize the known ones that have been confirmed to be actual game bugs and, if possible, the spotted mistake on both the game and the lines of code that are suspicious to be the cause of the mistake.


  • Memory leak
    Since more 1 year the game needs more and more resources the longer you play.
  • Double explosives
    Exlposives are shown twice, only one explodes. Most famous representative is the double keg.
  • RPG reload bug
    When trying to switch weapon during the RPG reload, it won't do so and instead reload the RPG again from the start.
  • Uncapable flags/rockets
  • Entering buildings
    With a few tactics it's possible to penetrate house walls until you glitch inside them.
  • 3 primary weapons
    With an exploid you can hold a third primary gun instead of an explosive.
  • Assist kill count
    Assist kills neither count to K/D nor to missions (although wanted in the files) but are displayed in the scoreboard.
  • Random Flag Return
    In the CtF game mode the enemy flag sometimes returns to the base from the back of a soldier, while the own flag is still in place and he takes a direct route back home without stopping. So this is no time stalement protection time limit.
  • Lazy Flag Return
    If the flag is carried near to the enemy base when the round ends, and the map is reset, it happens that the timer of the flag is still running (no flag reset) and one manages to cap the flag in time before it returns.

Lag of time and space

  • Rifle scope bug
    When zooming in nothing happens. When clicking the zoom button again, you scope in for less a second and return to the unscoped mode instantly.
  • Laggy chat window
    Sometimes the chat submits the text by it's own during the type action and reopens another chat. Occurs mostly at the map reset/change after a round.
  • TNT sliding of tanks
    If you throw a TNT at a tank vertically to it's moving direction, it touches the tank but lands on the other side on the ground as if the tank never has been there.
  • Ghost sounds
    Random sounds appear at positions where either some other hero made noise short time ago (lagging sound output) or the sounds of certain weapon/ability actions don't have correct sound output locations (displaced sound output). If this happens, the sound isn't played only once as usual, but twice or even trice.

Code typos

Bug Floating Barrel

Floating barrel on CC

  • Floating Barrel
    There's a misplaced barrel in the national backbase on Coastal Clash directly in front of the house.
  • Oversized strings
    Some strings of newer languages like German exeeding their space (or are missing completely: German flag points at AA)
  • Several weapon bugs
    by MAXIMUM_carnage
  • Pirate Keg Flames
    I Eats Grenades only eats the explosion, the fire damage stays nontheless.
  • Bugged Missions
    • MG Mastery II : Weapon has been set to "Any" instead of "Weapon.LMG"
    • Challenge I: Sam's SAM : CRITERIA_KILL has been set to "Weapon.FromId.3224" (Alberts Antiarrow) instead of "Weapon.FromId.3225" (Sam's SAM)


  • Overlapping clothing
    Some clothing items mix up at their touching zone.
  • Bullet shells
    Bullet shells appear randomly if changing the video quality from high to normal or low. Don't appear in any video quality by default.
  • Glowing Crosshair
    Crosshair is glowing white if leaving a tank while shooting.
  • Smoking MT
    When using MT short after going into stealth the smoke animation is played again (client sided only).
  • Inverted faction meshes
    When the game is closed incorrectly, the body mesh of the last used soldier happens to be replaced by a national one. So this bug effects only affects royal heroes and will be fixed the next time you restart the client.