The initial point is to break the "must-have" structure for specific weapons according to a certain class. Obviously the most pupular setups are the most succesfull ones and will suffer under balancing. The goal would be that if you combine two weapons of different ranges, you can rule the battlefield, no matter which types you choose.

Of couse the default weapons are bad with purpose to make the players buy other weapons. But the sniper rifle seems to be balanced although it's a bit worse compared to the fast/slow rifle. You still can win 1:1 fights easily. Not so with MR smg and mg: Both are worse than the SR version at each range, no chance to compensate with skill.

Most affected setups:

  • Gunner/Soldier: Dual LR shotgun
  • Soldier: SR SMG + LR Pistol
  • Gunner: Dual SR MG
  • Gunner: SR MG + Pirate Pistol
  • Commando: Dual LR Pistol

During a twitch live stream on 11th September 2013 Cain aka VitalBullet stated that weapon balance needs to be payed more attention. He even put effort in getting the tools and permission to get the balances done right before he was promoted to Community Manager (where he had even less time and more responsibilities than before). He brought this up in the management, too, so the situation might improve at any point in the future.

Also the resources on Heroes might have gotten very tight lately as the studio has now more titles to take of (Phenomic closed) and eventually it's better to invest in new items than minor balancing from a financial perspective.


Standard Knife

Weak Needs more care Strong
  • Increase explosion range from 2 to 2.5
Note that the super/uber knife range is 3

Laser MG

Weak Dominating Strong
  1. Reduce rof by 30%
The Weapon is way to strong on SR and unbeatable with FF 5/5
  1. Slightly increase damage by max 5%
To compensate the reduced rof

Short Range MG

Weak Inequitable benefit Strong
  1. Reduce Ammo from 130 to 120
130 is too much compared to LR and MR Machine Gun
  1. Reduce MR distance from 15 to 13
Cheeser & Bachscatcher are used way too extensive and successful on MR

Midrange MG

Weak Needs more care Strong
  1. Increase init damage from 2-6 to 3-9
Self explaining, no change to kill knifers and such
  1. Reduce MR distance from 13 to 10
In fact the MR MG is effective on 7 ridiculous metres (between 13 and 20m). The SR MG with 15 metres doubles this stat...
  1. Reduce deviation on zoom from 1.5 to 1.35
Means buffing Scoped Arctic Weapons

Long Range Shotgun

Weak Main focus must be changed Strong
  1. Reduce init damage from 2-3 to 1-2
Focus is set from SR to LR
  1. Increase long damage from 2-4 to 3-4
Focus is set from MR to LR
  1. Increase RpM from 60 to 85
Makes switching weapons more superseeded
  1. (Reduce reload from 4 to 3.5)
  2. Set ObjectTemplate.delayToUse from 0.2 to 0.4
Superseeds macros and handicaps scipping the refresh

Assault Shotguns

Weak Main focus must be changed Strong
  1. Set init damage from 4-7 to 3-7
Why the hell it's doing more damage on SR than on LR?
  1. Set ObjectTemplate.delayToUse from 0.2 to 0.5
Disables macros and handicaps scipping the refresh
  1. Add Zoom function
Modern LR shooty with zoom = epic

Short Range SMG

Weak Minor advantage Strong
  • Reduce long damage from 3-11 to 3-10

This is minor nerf on LR, compared to the other SMGs 11 damage per hit at maximum is simply too much. This is still even more max damage than on MR...

Midrange SMG

Weak Needs more care Strong
  • Increase init damage from 5-9 to 5-10

Too weak compared to the other two SMGs. No drastic changes, at least some love for default weapons.

  • Increase long damage from 5-9 to 5-10

See above

  • Reduce MR distance from 18 to 15

See above

  • Increase LR distance from 23 to 25

See above

  • Reduce deviation on zoom from 0.9 to 0.55

Means buffing Scoped SOF weapons

Midrange Pistol

Weak Improvements indispensable Strong
  • Increase the clip size from 6 to 10

From 9 to 13 for Super/Uber versions accordingly

  • Reduce deviation from 0.9 to 0.6

Too inaccurate for midrange, the current is cheeser-like

  • Reduce mid-range distance from 12 to 10

Greater action radius

Pirate Pistol

Weak Main focus must be changed Strong
  • Remove it for Gunners

Gunner with a high damage pistol aiming for headshots falls out the classic weapon sheme drasticly! Either refund the Funds or give them a new Pirate Shotgun with "comparable" stats instead!

Long Range Pistol

Weak Minor advantage Strong
  • Small recoil? Lower damage? Lower fire rate?

Somehow to strong. Maybe because you can't locate campers who shoot at you from miles away.

Grenade Launcher

Weak Main focus must be changed Strong
  1. Remove infantry trigger
Sady it's commonly used to save the own fallback with a mine ambush. Focus should be set more offensive.

Dragon's/Drake's Fire

Weak Inequitable benefit Strong
  1. Increase recoil
  2. Reduce accuray
  3. Reduce rof
Advertises camping



In general widgets shouldn't be available with Funds directly. This way Valor Points would regain it's sense and reduce the gap between Freeloaders and Payers. Furthermore after the claw change with so much clothing, much less tonics and co flow into the system and mostly hit the freeloaders in regards of game balance (not in general!).


Weak Overpowered Strong
  1. Visible tonic usage / Fix the bandage animation bug!
Hidden advantage is may be a worthwhile selling tactic but cheats on honest players
  1. Reduce amount healed from 50 to 40
50 HP instantly is way too much, considering that there's neither a cancelling option nor any use limitation except cooldown
  1. Remove the Tonic (1000 Uses) option available due Widget Supply Drops
Too many Tonics in circulation

Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants

Weak Inequitable benefit Strong
  1. Visible usage (e.g. recolored damage)
Hidden advantage is lame, the enemy can't estimate the damage dealt to finish him off
  1. It should only restore the HP actually lost, not if any activated shield (HS or Elexir) was damaged instead
  2. Should be equiped in order to work

HP Boost

Weak Minor advantage Strong
  1. Should be equiped in order to work

Pirate Keg

Weak Minor advantage Strong
  1. Needs to be eatable by IEG

Anti Toxic Gloves

Weak Disposable Strong
  1. Implement this widget
Panties against Burning Bullets, but no gloves against Poisoned Blade and Troop Trap poison?

VP Boost

Weak Needs more care Strong
  1. Change the factor from 200% to 400%
Currently not worth it's money, furthermore VPs got quite useless