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FreeCam, is a long keeped in-game ability, that allows to look ouside your character. It's available only in Unranked servers, however it's planned to Tutorial mode. It can be used in Tutorial, but at risk of losing online mode.


F11 - Disable HUD

F12 - Enable Freecam Mode

  • W/S/A/D for horizontal movement
  • Ctrl/F for vertical movement
  • Space for tracer movement


  • The camera movement is much less buggy if you activate it while being dead.
  • This feature will occasionally activate on certain servers while dead. It is unknown how it happens but it is seen often on Billy Sunsteel's server.
  • You can't dive through the ground.
  • The sound listener is still sticking to the hero instead of the camera.
  • Freecam was in the files for more than 3 years.
  • The Freecam was the only free gift during the Christmas 2012 advent calendar.
Blackwyn: No free stuff? Hopefully you won't stick a 100k funds tag on the freecam feature. That'd make me a sadpanda.

NavyPride: How can it cost money when it's a freecam?

Colonel_Jul: Free of movement, no one said free of charge. Please no flaming, it is just a late joke from a tired producer


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