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Explosive keg

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"Hurl a barrel at your enemy and shoot it to make it explode! Enemies hit by the explosion run slower for a short time!"

Also known as the "Gunner Keg" or "Powder Keg", the Explosive Keg is a Gunner ability whose effectiveness definitely depends on the skill of those who wield it. Upon activation, the gunner will lob a keg full of explosive material. The keg will then explode when hit by a bullet, or is left to detonate when thrown on the ground.

Royal Explosive Keg 2046.png 2050.png National Explosive Keg
Level 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Explosion Damage 25 30 35 40 45
Explosion Radius 6 8
Explosion Force 15
Refresh Time 20 18 16 14 12
Speed Modifier -40% (Commando) -15% (Soldier) -5% (Gunner)
Slowing Duration 0 4 5 6 7


  • The Keg can be used against tanks, clusters of infantry or what appear to be empty flag points. What was the last thing I just said? Why would you want to use a keg on an apparently deserted flag point?The answer to that lies in Heroes Of The Fall that bought us Riverside Rush and so many other gunner ability enhancements. Since that update the Explosive Keg has had one new side-effect; The Gunner Keg slows commandos, whether in Stealth or not, to something akin to the speed of a gunner. This is very useful to gunners because it takes away the commandos most important edge which is speed. Speed is essential to commandos because it allows them to not only escape, but gives them an overall advantage in combat. This is why the keg is the new powerhouse of the gunner offensive arsenal. Remember that slowdown effect is active from 2nd level.
  • The Gunner Keg has an infinite number of potential uses and the only thing that limits that is the skill and imagination of its user, ranging to a simple boost in firepower to rocket jumping higher.
  • This ability is quite handy at slowing knifing commandos down, so be sure to invest some ability points in this skill. As you gain more ability points, consider putting more of them into this skill.
  • As long you will use kegs, you will notice that they can be pushed and blasted away with Blasting Strike, or that enemy ofter shoots your Keg mid-air. A good tactic to avoid these instances is to hurl Kegs at ground, or in Soldier case wait until Soldier have used his Blasting Strike.
  • Use kegs primarily at enemy groups. It's large radius can cause havoc on the enemy, especially when they are very close together. Kegs also deal moderate damage, so they will end weakened from one explosion, and sometimes forced to use Combat Medicine or Hero Shield.
  • Also, if enemy Gunner throws Kegs at you, run away and than throw yours keg. This way you will avoid damage, and will cause bigger damage to enemy Gunner.
  • Many Gunners just throw their keg and then seemingly forget about it. It is a good idea to activate the Keg by shooting a rocket at it.


Before Heroes Of The Fall, the Keg, much like Burning Bullets, lit enemies caught in the blast radius on fire.