Wave emote

National Wave Emote

Emotes are used to taunt your enemies. They can be bought in the store with Play4Free Funds or rented with Valor Points for a limited duration.

To use them you have to equip them in the main menu on the "Emotes"-Tab and put them in the 3x3 roster. Press and hold Q (default key) in-game to show up the Emote selection screen and then simply click the emote you wish to use.

Emotes can be tested in the game's client by going to the Store page and/or the My Stuff page and then selecting the Emotes section. Once clicked on the yellow play button the emote is then performed but no special items are shown during certain emotes (e.g. guitar, trumpet, rocket, glass).

Royal Emotes are performed easygoing and laxly while the Nationals move more angular and strict.

The emotes with '(both)' behind are available to both Factions, they have the same name but the emote is slightly different.

Default EmotesEdit

There's plenty of emotes, but three come standard. Every player has them.

  • 5000.png Wave (both)
This is a popular emote to use once you've killed someone, you will be in their 'killcam', so snatch up the opportunity to taunt them. Also used as a method of expressing thanks if someone heals or shares leg it with you as well as other helpful actions or abilities.
  • 5007.png Medic! (both)
This will cause your hero to wave his/her arm around while displaying 'I need a medic!' in chat, although this is only visible to your team.
  • 5016.png I need a ride! (both)
This will cause your hero to stick his/her arm out and thumb a ride while displaying 'I need a ride!' in chat, although this is only visible to your team.
This can also imply "GTFO".

Basic EmotesEdit

Can be rented with Valor Points and bought permanently with Play4Free Funds, these are the lowest price range.

  • 5003.png Yes (both)
This animation shows the character making an "OK" sign for Nationals and a "Thumbs up" for Royals
  • 5004.png No (both)
  • 5017.png Incoming! (both)
This antimation makes the character to pull out his hand, and pointing somewhere. It also displays in chat Incoming!, however it shows only to your team.
  • 5006.png Thanks (both)
Royal Fisticuffs Mugshot

Royal Fisticuffs Emote

Classic EmotesEdit

The original Battlefunds (Now: Play4Free Funds) only Emotes.

  • 5012.png Chicken (Royal) 1679 Funds
  • 5009.png Beat Chest (Royal) 1679 Funds
  • 5014.png Wipe Forehead (Royal) 1679 Funds
  • 5005.png Laugh (both) 1679 Funds
  • 5011.png Robot Dance (National) 1679 Funds
  • 5013.png Cup Ear (National) 1679 Funds
  • 5010.png Throat Cut (National) 1679 Funds

New EmotesEdit

The second wave of Battlefunds (Now: Play4Free Funds) only emotes.

  • 5008.png Taunt (both) 1679 Funds
  • 5002.png Cheer (both) 1679 Funds
  • 5001.png Angry (both) 1679 Funds
  • 5015.png Flex Muscles (both) 1679 Funds

Armistice EmotesEdit

Part of the Winter Armistice:

  • 5028.png Fisticuffs (both) 1679 Funds
  • 5025.png Facepalm (Royal) 1679 Funds
  • 5026.png Use Your Head (National) 1679 Funds
  • 5024.png Airplane (Royal) 1679 Funds
  • 5023.png Brush it off (National) 1679 Funds
  • 5027.png I dunno (Royal) 1679 Funds
  • 5029.png Thumbs Down (National) 1679 Funds

Moonlight EmotesEdit

Part the Vampire and Werewolves sets:

  • 5030.png Wolf Howl (Royal) 560 BF
  • 5031.png Tasty (National) 560 BF

Football EmotesEdit

Part of the Football Fiesta. These emotes can also be rented for VP. The Ejected emote was one of the first emotes to feature special objects when used in-game.

  • 5032.png GOOAAL! (both) 2519 Funds
  • 5033.png Close! (both) 2519 Funds
  • 5034.png Ejected! (both) 2939 Funds

Music EmotesEdit

Part of the Football Fiesta. The price for these emotes is justified by the fact that when used in-game, they display the corresponding instrument in conjunction with the animation. This is not visible when playing the emote in the store.

  • 5039.png Acoustic Bass (Royal) 2939 Funds
  • 5036.png Congas (Royal) 2939 Funds
  • 5035.png Trumpete (both) 2939 Funds
  • 5038.png Guitar (National) 2939 Funds
  • 5037.png Tuba (National) 2939 Funds

Action EmotesEdit

Part of the Action Hero sets:

  • 5041.png Gunslinger (Royal) 2399 Funds
  • 5040.png Knife Shave (National) 2399 Funds

Punk EmoteEdit

Part of the Leet Hero set:

  • 5042.png Leet (Royal) 3359 Funds

Savage EmotesEdit

Part of the Savage sets: Creation process

  • 5044.png Barbarian's Wrath (Royal) 3359 Funds
  • 5045.png Ravager's Cry (National) 3359 Funds

Flyday EmotesEdit

Part of the Flyday Supply Drops:
Emotes - Loser, Tea Time, N00b Clap, I'm watching you

Emotes - Loser, Tea Time, N00b Clap, I'm watching you

  • 5047.png Loser (Royal) 3359 Funds
  • 5048.png Tea Time (Royal) 3359 Funds
T-Bagging is a must while using this emote!
  • 5046.png I'm Watching You (National) 3359 Funds
  • 5043.png N00b Clap (National) 3359 Funds

Egyptian EmotesEdit

Part of the Egyptian Halloween Heroes and Trick or Treat Supply Drop:

  • 5049.png Mummy Walk (Royal)
  • 5050.png Anubis Worship (National)

Christmas EmotesEdit

Released during the Christmas 2011 advent calendar:

  • 5051.png Get In (both) 2989 Funds
  • 5052.png Griefer Gift (Royal)
  • 5053.png Tarnished Treat (National)

Scientist EmotesEdit

Part of the the Scientist update:

  • 5055.png I have a plan! (Royal) 2999 Funds
  • 5054.png Master Plan (National) 2999 Funds
  • 5056.png I be trollin (both) 2999 Funds


  • I be trollin emote is reference to popular internet meme ''Trollface''

Robot EmotesEdit

Part of the the Robot update:

  • 5058.png Dance Protocol R (Royal)
  • 5057.png Dance Protocol N (National)

Astronaut EmotesEdit

Part of the the Astronaut update:

  • 5059.png Rocket Play (Royal)
  • 5060.png Rocket Play (National)

Western EmotesEdit

Part of the the Western update:

  • 5061.png I'm on a Horse! (Royal)
  • 5062.png I'm on a Steed! (National)

Please take in account that you cannot move with Horse emotes, and that Heroes hitbox doesn't moves up to the place where hero is sitting. Also, the horse doesn't affect anyone or anything and that horses cannot be damaged, nor are living enities.

  • 5067.png DEVine Unicorn (Royal)
  • 5068.png DEViant Unicorn (National)

Unlike above, these Developer only Unicorn emotes can move, and have special Rainbow trail when done so. However, everthing else noted above applies here too.

Frenzy EmotesEdit

Part of the the Fortress Frenzy and Knight update:

  • 5063.png Terrific Tricycle (Royal)
  • 5064.png Trailblazing Trike (National)
  • 5065.png Royal Fanfare (Royal)
  • 5066.png National Fanfare (National)

Olympic EmotesEdit

Part of the the Olympic Runners & co update:

  • 5069.png Royal Trophy (Royal)
  • 5070.png National Trophy (National)


  • The emotes were released after long time upon their release, when 2012's Countdown of Halloween event was going on.

Agent EmotesEdit

Part of the the Agents update:

  • 5071.png Sam's strong sip (Royal)
  • 5072.png Event Eradicator (National)

Hip Hop EmotesEdit

Part of the the Hip Hoppers update. Also known as Boom Boxes or Ghetto Blasters:

  • 5078.png Boom Boxin' Box (Royal)
  • 5077.png Boxin' Boom Box (National)


  • Both boomboxes play same sound.
  • They also share same texture, but recolored.