EAsy is the major game studio behind the Play4Free titles and owned by EA. It was split up around 2008 from the DICE team at the main quarter at Stockholm. After BF:P4F went open beta, about 20 developers were split to care about BFH and are now know as the Heroes Team. As of early 2015 their website forwards to the DICE homepage, indicating the game studio was merged again.

  • P4F Team: Maintaining the game Battlefield:Play4Free
  • Community Team: Their job is it to collect the community demand of several EA games, help the players, keep the forums clean, transmits the community demand to the developers and organizes contests. and organize announcements and contests. Luckily, they are helped by community volunteers called Moderators, because the huge amount of information posted every day cannot be handled by the community team alone.
  • Support Team
    1. Customer Support: Andrew Skeen
    2. Cheat Support: currently not assigned, split on the whole staff
  • (Formers like Shadeshooter can be found here)