Starting in 2010, this new offers were a test run of several discounts for special selected items, usually famous among most of the players in the official game forum. This offer was so well received within the community that a return was suggested for months in several threads and other instances.

Starting from July 2011, the offer returned as 24h timed specials in the Web Store (except for weekends, which retain the same offer available on Friday), initially added as a specialty for a month ended up running in a possibly suggested permanent way (no closure date for this campaign has been known or announced at all).

Items available through it can go from "new" items that will be added to the in-game store to "special offers" which include past full sets and "season" items only available during festivities.

Deal of the Day 2010Edit


The first time this offer got added to the Web Store was in a "10 days of specials" format where all the items (except for the "bonus BFs" offer) got a 50% discount. The time frame was Sept. 20th until Oct. 1st.

Only the "Bonus BF" offer couldn't be redeemed directly on the Web Store. Example offers were Super and Uber Knifes or some Closed Beta Pets.

Deal of the Day 2011Edit

Deal of the Day Royal
Deal of the Day National

The second time this offer arrived to the web store was as a 24h special offer everyday, originally planned to run throughout July 2011 from the 4th on.

The offer has been well accepted by most of the playing community and the results made the offer to stay longer in store, the offer has not yet ended and there's no announcement if it will ever be, hopefully this time it will remain as a permanent feature.

The month of October 2011 brought a new flavor for the deals, the possibility of having 2 deals per faction on special days, contrary to the usual 1 deal per day.

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Deal of the Day 2012Edit

Deal of the Day Royal
Deal of the Day National

From now on only the most important deals will be listed. Most unrealeased ans special items already have been DotD once, so the deals start repeating from the start.

Previous unreleased items and new stylish bundles will be added nontheless as Deal of the Day from time to time, so it's worth to track the frontpage. Those will appear here as well.

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