Daily missions are missions assigned to players on a daily basis. The missions are fairly simple tasks to complete and range from killing all 3 classes of enemy infantry (1 gunner, 1 soldier and 1 commando) to simply winning a match.

Daily missions don't last forever though and will be rejected if they are not completed by the end of the day. They are made to provide players with a hefty 75 VP should they complete the mission. The missions are completely optional and players will be notified when a new mission is available (missions section of the game client is highlighted in yellow text).

Daily missions greatly reduces the amount of game time needed to gain more powerful weapons - thanks to their high VP reward output, they almost put regular missions to shame. It takes two daily missions to be able to buy a First Tier weapon, and six to buy an Second tier. Since the missions are not the only source of income for many heroes, it is likely the missions were introduced to allow players to get several hours worth of VP in possibly one round.


  • Before Version 1.85 the Daily Missions could only be completed once per user, not once per hero. Due the mission overhaul this restriction was lifted.