DICE or Digital Illusion Creative Entertainment, is the developer of Battlefield: Heroes. The swedish video game developer is wholly owned by Electronic Arts.

History Edit

DICE was founded 1988 by Fredrik Liliegren and Andreas Axelsson, members of the former demo group The Silents. The biggest break for DICE was the release of Battlefield 1942 and its sequels. In March 2005, EA owned 62 percent of DICE after they had bought all outstanding shares in Digital Illusions CE at a price of 61 SEK per share. For a total of 175.5 million SEK, EA completed acquisition. After that, DICE Canada was closed immediately.

Battlefield: Heroes Edit

When employees of DICE came back from Korea, they had the idea of developing a free2play as an experiment, to see whether the Korean strategy would work in the USA and Europe. In January 2008, they announced the Comic-Shooter Battlefield: Heroes as a free2play video game.

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