The Community Team of EAsy. The CT (as they are commonly referred as) are situated within Dusseldorf, Germany with the Community Manager based at the Easy Studios HQ in Sweden.

The Current TeamEdit

Cain SinopoulosEdit

Cain Sinopoulos
Community Manager
What do you do on heroes?
I'm the Assistant Community Manager, you all know me as VitalBullet.

I make sure that you find what you are looking for, try to help you on your way and I keep the bad guys out of the forums and the good guys in.

I’m also responsible for making sure that some of the bugs and good suggestions get passed onto the right people and keeping you up to date with the latest news and other cool things.
As of Jan 2nd 2012 VitalBullet is now the Community Manager, he is still part of the Community Team since he leads the Community Team ;)


Community Representative (English)


Community Representative (English)


Community Representative (German)


Community Representative (French)


Community Representative (Polish)


Community Representative (Polish)


Community Representative (Arabic)


Community Representative (Russian)

The Previous Team - Feb 2012 to Feb 2013Edit


Community Representative


Community Representative


Community Representative


Community Representative (German), mainly Heroes


Community Representative, mainly P4F


Community Representative, mainly P4F


Community Representative


Community Representative

The Previous Team - Jun 2009 to Feb 2012Edit

Here you can find the previous CT from the beginning of when the CT was born under the reign of former Community Manager, Goodman. Sadly unforeseen circumstances meant saying goodbye to the below members.

Adam JordanEdit

Adam Jordan
Community Representative, joining alongside Cain back in 2009. Adam was the main figure and blue to be seen upon the BFHeroes forums, homepage and social channels. He went by the name, ShadeShooter.
What do you do on heroes?
I'm a Community Representative, the random shot, ShadeShooter. I keep the homepage up-to-date, work with fan site admins to give their contests exposure, bash the trolls with my ban hammers (yes I have back-ups) and generally play alongside the community in the game to gain feedback on it to relay back to the team. I am also left with the task of calming U-238’s thread locking rampages ;)

Chris MurphyEdit

Chris Murphy
Community Representative (French). Chris spearheaded the rest of the Play4Free titles, first starting with Battleforge, then Lord of Ultima. Then focusing more on Battlefield Play4Free, however cartoon or realistic, the Irishman is mean on the battlefield and takes no prisoners.
What do you do on heroes?
I am one of a number of Community Representatives working on Heroes, in general we keep the community up to date with the latest Heroes news, and the Dev team up to date with the latest community feedback. I tend to use my ninja skillz to move around the Heroes forum unnoticed for the most part (never heard of an Irish Ninja? Yeah, we’re that good) ;)

Marcus ModrackEdit

Community Representative (German). Marcus was more well known as the sole German CT member, which meant a lot of work for him across all Play4Free titles and the German sections within those respective titles' forums.


Community Representative (French and English). New guy announced the 14th April 2011. Was placed next to Shadeshooter and U-238 to manage BFH.
What do you do on BFH?
I’m the newest member of the Community Team. I keep an eye on the forums, make sure people seeking help find it, keep users up to date with the latest news, give developers feedback about most frequent demands, translate what needs to be translated and, last but not least, try to keep the general mood friendly.


Community Representative (Spanish), his role takes him together with Silvanoshi more towards another one of our titles, Lord of Ultima, but he does still charge onto the battlefield.
What do you do on BFH?
I'm around now and then. I visit the forums, I translate some text and I am hoping the Spanish forum will be open soon.


Community Representative (Spanish and English)
ShadeShooter wrote:
Afredito54 will be helping us to translate for our Spanish homepage but he will also be jumping in with you folks on the English side too.


Community Representative (French)
ShadeShooter wrote:
Moirajim will be helping us to translate for our French homepage but she will mostly be based within our other Play4Free title, Lord of Ultima. So if you play LoU as well, you will find her there.

Pierre-Léo BégayEdit

Ex-Community Representative (French)

Per BonomiEdit

Per Bonomi
Very first global Community Manager
What do you do on Battlefield Heroes?
I am the Community Manager. I basically sit on my Blue throne and tell the others on the team what to do (and they do a great job of it).

Then, I spam you on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and join you on the forums and in the game. For a long time I was also responsible for making and sending out all our newsletters, but now that that has changed (and I just got back from 6 months paternity leave) I will try to be more present on the forums and in-game once again.

The team and I do our best on a daily basis to make sure we find out what you like, +1 and don’t like and present that to people internally so things can improve.


Community Representative (German), lived in Berlin